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What does it mean when a guy says, "Maybe we'll hang out again sometime"?

Asked by paperbackhead (333points) August 9th, 2012

I went on a date, with a really nice guy I met on Okcupid. I thought everything went fine he seemed a little self conscious, cause he hinted that maybe I thought the date went bad. After we ate dinner we sat in the park, but while we were sitting down he kind of sat with his back turned towards me. I took that as a sign of him not being interested.

Anyway when we both decided to call it a night, and dropped me off at my door he said, “Maybe we’ll hang out again” So what does this really mean?

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That you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

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That’s a non commitment for hearing from him again. He won’t initiate another date, and if you ask him out he won’t say yes unless he is bored and has absolutely nothing going on.

Sorry to be blunt, but time to move on. And be glad you’re not getting involved with him.

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Yeah, that’s kind of like saying “thanks, but no thanks.”

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Sounds like he was saying something nicer than the old standby “I’ll call you” when he has no intention of ever calling you.

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RUN he has no intent on calling you again

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I guess its fine with me, he was obviously kinda feminine.

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Normally, I would agree wholeheartedly with all the comments above but your “he hinted that I thought the date went bad” and your acknowledgement that he is self-conscious suggests maybe he is a bit socially inept. Do you want to see him again? If you don’t let it go but if you do think there is something there, perhaps dropping him a text saying you enjoyed the evening with him and to let you know if he would like to do something another time. If you really aren’t interested though – let it go. If he is so shy you will probably need to drive things along until he builds confidence. Or… he could have been saying, “thanks, but no thanks” as has been suggested.

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@Bellatrix has a good point. He could be socially awkward or shy, and not confident enough to move things forward. Or maybe he’s trying to play it cool so he won’t seem overly eager. On the other hand, he sounds kind of ambivalent. Either way, one follow-up text is plenty.

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@bellatrix I was interested. And I did send him a text saying “I hope you didn’t think I didn’t have a good time cause I did” I sent it kinda late so I’m not expecting anything right away. But yeah he did seem kinda awkward.

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Well see what happens. I hope he gets in touch. :-) I wouldn’t push it too much but if there is a film or something you talked about seeing, you could follow up with a ‘do you want to see…?” Just be prepared to not get a response. I figure asking and not getting a response is better than not asking and missing out because HE was too shy to ask.

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I wouldn’t expect to ever hear from him again after that remark. I would have responded, “maybe so…”

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He likes to be naked & he’s talking to his genitals.

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Doesn’t sound promising

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Well after almost a week of not talking he asked if he could come by. This sounds like a booty call.

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^^^ And you replied what?

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I said he couldn’t I have roommates. Then I asked I can come there, he said “That could work”

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You are going to his place after a week, when he whistles? Have you thought this through carefully? “He was obviously kinda feminine” was your last remark.

Have you thought about how you feel if you have sex with this guy and then he doesn’t call or contact you?

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I’m not looking at it as an oppertunity to get laid. I have self control but you don’t always know what other peoples intentions are. If sex is initiated then I guess I would be wrong.

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And you will have to give us an update! :-)

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@paperbackhead: You have no free will? You are going to let him decide? He wants sex? He initiates it? Where are you in this little ménage a deux?

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@gailcalled Well of course I do. It has to be a decision two concenting adults make. I’m just saying if hes trying to put the moves on me I will decline. Unless I feel like I want it too, then its gonna happen.

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“Giving in” is not the same as “mutually deciding.” Your language is telling.

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@gailcalled I edited my response.

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Good for you. Stand tall.

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We ended up having sex.

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Bring on the brass band and the balloons.

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