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How long does it take roses to die?

Asked by bluejay (1009points) August 12th, 2012

It’s between 80 and 90 degrees each day. If someone rips up some roses and throws it on the pavement road how long will it take for the petals to wilt? The road is completely exposed to sunlight.

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Are you talking about cut roses, or a rose bush?

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Cut roses.

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Okay I just wanted to say that even though this seems like a completely unimportant question it is more important than you’d ever imagine.

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Just a few minutes.

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Wouldn’t it be fairly easy to find this out by direct experimentation? Cut some roses and place them in the road where they’ll have the exposure you describe without also being trampled or run over.

There are still a lot of variables: how young are the roses (how recently opened, how far along the path to wilting on the bush)? dark pavement or light? atmospheric humidity? how much stem? And how wilted is wilted—just limp or completely collapsed, with petals fallen off?

In any case, probably not long.

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@Jeruba The experiment has already begun unfortunately. They’ve been there since late afternoon Friday, and they are starting to wilt already. They are still bright red in the middle though.

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@bluejay, then it sounds like you want to be able to predict the results for some reason, rather than just letting time answer your question. Sorry, I can’t help you there.

They’ve lasted pretty long already, in my opinion. Some rain would probably help.

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@Jeruba well then lets hope it rains soon.

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I have to confess that you’ve made me terribly curious. Your posts are very mysterious. Are you going to give us any hint of what this is about?

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It’s about a threat.

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@Jeruba catch me at a time I’m in the mood to tell stories and perhaps I’ll explain.

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