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What is the best way to clean a laptop screen?

Asked by richmarshall (1042points) June 2nd, 2008
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we have this fluid at work, im not sure if it’s from artwizz, all i know is that it cleans great

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the best way?
I bet you’re expecting something way more rediculous than this!

Take a paper towel, damp it with some water, and wipe it down.
Take a second paper towel, and dry it off.

easy as that, and works perfectly, I did it last weekend, it really doesn’t take any special fluid or anything at all.

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water can damage a lot of screens and leaves streaks and is a really bad idea. It can leave mineral spots and damage the finish on glossy screens.
Using a paper towel can also scratch the finish, as well as leave flakes and lint behind which will cling to the screen, defeating the whole purpose of cleaning it.
Here is an effective, cheap homemade solution:
it uses distilled water

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(or some other kind of purified water)

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I guess I should have mentioned I used “Shop Towels”, which are near lint free anyways, so…

It really depends on what kind of screen you have I suppose, if you have one of those matte screens, you might not have an easy time cleaning them down (but they are harder to spot any problems anyway), I have a dell e1705, and I was putting a new LCD back on mine anyways, so it was set down and I just took a lightly damped shop towel and just wiped it down and then dried it off… basically immediately.

and no, of course i didn’t let any of the water get near the edges. That is all you have to worry about, if you’re going to get anything wet, do it near the center, the edges is where you’ll have the issues.

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I use a spray called Monster ScreenClean – safe for LCDs and Plasma TVs – and a soft chamois cloth. I moisten the cloth (never spray on LCD directly.)

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I’ve boughten some LCD wipes that you can buy at Best Buy or most other places. They work well and don’t leave streaks. The amount of alcohol in them dries up the liquid really quickly. I bought a pack of 80 for like $6–7 bucks and they’ll last you forever.

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@Red: Curious. The spray that I bought says “Safe, alcohol-free formula is ideal for cleaning LCD and Plasma screens.”

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It says on the back of the container that my wipes contain Isopropyl Alcohol. Which begs the question: Does the alcohol help or hurt our situation?

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I believe that lots of alcohol would strip a matt coating on a display (glossy is fine). Although by lots, they mean lots. It should be okay.

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according to ezra’s link, isopropyl alcohol is okay, rubbing alcohol is not (since it might contain oil)

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50% Isopropyl Alcohol, 50% Distilled Water.

Spray bottle.

Spray onto the cloth (soft terry cloth is just fine)

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iKlear apple polish

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I have an iBook and I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on both the screen and the inside case, keyboard etc, but not on the shiny outside.

I’ve been cleaning it this way for 2 years with no negative results.

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Once it is nice and clean, you can also buy really thin plastic sheets that are made especially to protect and keep laptop screens clean. Not sure how they affect the quality of the display though, just saw some in an apple store the other day.

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I second the recommendation for iKlear… I use it on my iMacs and iPhones.

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one thing and the only thing i use to clean laptop and desktop monitors is WD40 and a cloth works a treat

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