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Is there a way to use the regular fluther site on my iPhone?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Not really, I wish there was. When browsing a question, if you remove the “iphone.” from the front of the website address (which may sometimes “i.gatekeeper.” instead) and replace it with a “www.” then the regular website will appear.

So for this discussion, the address would change from:


Or, you can browse your activity:

Use the contact form:

Or ‘tell a friend’ feature:

…by going to those website addresses.

(Things you can’t normally do from the phone. Hope this helps.)

Also, if you click the first link on a desktop you’ll see the iPhone site!

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Go to a users profile by typing the URL into the search bar. In example, Then you can roam around anywhere, but if you hit the ‘Home’ button it redirects you to the mobile version. Remember, you have to type in the URL

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Also; it’s important to note that this doesn’t work for the homepage. The homepage detects the platform, and will forward you to the iPhone site.

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Another also; I’ve just mentioned this thread to Ben, Andrew and Erik. It’s up to them to think about implementing a ‘regular site’ feature into the iPhone version.

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This was my first question too :)
I’ve since bookmarked the blog too on the iPhone, but it would be handy if you could see news, alerts and questions at the same time when on the iPhone.

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CNN has this right. They’re including a link at the bottom of their iPhone version that takes you back to the main site.

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@chaos, yeah, lots of iphone sites do, especially ones that are really optimized for limited capability phones, and would just hinder the iphone’s browser capabilities. Fluther isn’t like this, it’s just a little more difficult to edit on the iphone, and I really like the “siblings” function. That’s probably why they didn’t put on in the first place, because it’s optimized for a certain device.

Maybe, anyway. imho.

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