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If you watched a movie backwards, what would it be about?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) August 17th, 2012

Let’s get our creative, funny juices flowing! Come up with a short description of what a movie would be about if you watched it backwards.

Some examples:
– If you watched Godzilla backwards it would be a story about a giant lizard who rebuilds a broken city before walking off into the sea.
– If you watched the Oceans movies backwards it’s about a bunch of people donating to a casino.
– If you watched Jaws backwards it’s about a shark that throws up so many people that they have to open a beach.

So, pick a film and give a one or two sentence description of what it would be like backwards.

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If you watch Titanic backwards, its about a friendly iceberg, that saves a lot of people.

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It would be Memento.

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If you watched Lord of the Rings backwards, it would be about a little man finding a ring and bringing it home.

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@CWOTUS stole my answer

It would be Benjamin Button. The story a child born and growing older as everyone around him grows younger.

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If you watched the Big Lebowski backwards, it would be about taking it easy and bowling.

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If you watched Jurassic Park backwards, it would be about dinosaurs being captured and placed in a zoo.

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Sex & the City would remain as cougars & a racehorse merrily fucking their way through most of the male population.

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A family of singing Austrians, on the run from Nazis, cross the Alps to their homeland. When they arrive, the husband begins an affair with an older woman; heartbroken, his wife becomes a nun. Turns out she’s not very good at it.

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I think this is one of the most original and fun questions I’ve ever seen on Fluther! But I’m kind of having trouble with it… I don’t understand time and space…

Super Troopers would be about a bunch of beer deliverymen who got busted for selling to underage kids and subsequently became the world’s worst highway patrolmen…

Mmmm, Rear Window would be about a nosey photographer who catches a murderer and gets rewarded by being allowed to gaze upon Grace Kelley as she turns the lights on.

The Life Aquatic would be about a man who just lost someone whom he loved like a son, and becomes an alcoholic misanthrope who nevertheless has a bright career ahead of him.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas would be about a couple of guys who completely ran out of money and grey matter in Las Vegas and had to pull a bunch of scams to make it back to California in a fire-apple red convertible, where they decided they were much better off just doing mescaline at the beach…

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If you watch Cinderella backwards, it is about a woman learning her place.

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Casablanca would be the war ending with both sides friendly, a woman leaving her husband to be with Bogie, and then everyone celebrates the end of the war in a nightclub, singing and gambling.

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The Little Mermaid (Disney) is about a bride who leaves her would-be husband at the altar, turns into a mermaid and runs (or swims) away to sea to join her long-lost sisters.

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Benjamin Button would have the same fate as us all.

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@CWOTUS you stole my answer too.

Leaving Las Vegas backwards is the story of a terminally-ill man who is healed, thanks to the curing powers of alcohol.

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If you watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone backwards it would be about a young aspiring wizard cast away from Hogwarts and forced to live with his step parents.

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Thelma and Louise: Two women are shot out of the Grand Canyon in a convertible, have a turbulent series of adventures, then settle down to small town family life.

Citizen Kane: A wealthy newspaper man reforms his corrupt ways; youthfully reinvigorated, he goes sledding on a Rosebud.

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The Hangover would be about a group of guys realizing what they did overnight so they decide to get stupidly drunk to forget about it.

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Damn you @CWOTUS, you stole my answer!!!!!!!

Following would be Un-Following.

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Planet of the Apes would be about Charlton Heston riding a horse down a beach, getting captured by some intelligent apes, escaping, finding this old-school space capsule which miraculously shoots back into orbit and brings him back to the 1970’s.

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The Great Escape would be a rather bizarre story telling of the exploits of a bunch of POW escapees who were desperate to be reconciled with their nazi captors.

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The Tree of Life is about… wait, um… I’m not even sure what that is about when it’s played forward!

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The Tree of Life would be The Tree of Life with a sad and not bittersweet ending.

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If you watch Halloween backwards, it’s about a guy in a mask resurrecting a buncha dead people with a knife.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is about a goody goody kid who keeps finding kids that act up, and then in the end he is fascinated by a chocolate bar and ends up in dire poverty.

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In Star Wars (ANH) the protagonists forge the Death Star out of a giant ball of fire, enslaving the galaxy beneath the iron fist of Darth Vader. Their work complete, our heroes retire to less thrilling pursuits in politics, crime, and agriculture. Obi-Wan turns senile and wanders off into the desert, never to be heard from again.

Dangit, @gasman, you spoiled the ending.

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If you watched Fatal Attraction backwards, it would be about a psychotic lady who haunts and terrifies an innocent man and his family to the point of leading him to have a one night stand with her in order to get back to his smooth, happy family life and make the “lady” a saint!

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If you watch Eraserhead backwards; it would probably make more sense than if watched normally.

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If you watched The Matrix backwards, it would be about a guy trying to escape a computer generated world so he can return to his normal 9–5 office job.

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