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Do you attach any importance to astrological signs for friends or partners?

Asked by bookish1 (13149points) August 18th, 2012

Do you care about astrological signs, in a casual or serious way? Is learning a new friend or date’s sign part of getting to know them, for you? I didn’t pay much attention at all to astrology until a few years ago, when I realized I have some very set patterns with a few signs. For me it’s not a make-or-break piece of information about a new friend or date, but I do like to think about it.

I tend to get along best as friends with Water signs, although I have also met my romantic doom from a number of Water signs as well, haha. And in college, my whole circle of best friends all had the same sign, which made a lot of sense to me considering how emotionally and psychologically similar we were.

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No, but, I am a huge fan of the MBTI and have studied enough to be able to recognize certain temperaments and those traits that are not compatible with who I am.
I am a Capricorn, and if there is any truth to astrology, I am pretty textbook, stable, loyal, perservering, occasionally stubborn and extremely tenacious in my efforts.

I can say I have never met another Capricorn I didn’t like and I am not fond of Scorpios and Libras in general. lol

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I don’t put any importance to it, but I still find it interesting and fun to take note of and analyse :)

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I think it’s fun to read everyday, and I like to read a partner’s horoscope too. It amazes me when they seem to be in synch with each other and with what veer is going on in my life. But I know it’s just the mind seeing patterns that don’t really exist.

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I do find it fascinating and enjoy it on a superficial level. I can read basic charts and know how to find the planets and houses,

BUT… my my interest is far from enough to schedule my life around my chart, like one person I know does. That same person ended our friendship because of what she considered the negative aspects of my chart. There’s a fanatic for every belief system.

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Quite the opposite. If someone asks me about it, I know they aren’t a very serious person. It’s not like I do it on purpose, but I soon find myself having little or nothing to do with them. Astrology is utterly uninteresting to me. I can’t remember the first thing about it. It makes worse than no sense. It makes negative sense.

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No but I do put faith in blood types, it’s a much more reliable method of determining compatibility between people.

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No. But signs are fun. My husband sends me my horoscope once in a while, he likes that sort of thing. I grew up with an aunt who was sort of into signs. We are both the same sign and when we both go through a rough patch at the same time she references it being astrological. I find it endearing.

And, it doesn’t surprise me at all that @Coloma is a Capricorn. LOL.

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I can’t say I do. I find star signs are irrelevant. But can be fun as well.

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No importance, but I always feel a little sense of affinity when I hear someone is a fellow Leo. Not that I like them any better, or am more interested in them… just a little, “Hell yeah, Leos!”

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I’ve always been fascinated in the connection between astrology and astronomy. The history of both is interesting to me as well. I have known people who swear by doing things according to the seasons, i.e. planting, harvesting, hunting, fishing, slaughtering etc. The connection of your birth and the alignment of the stars and moon is another area that I love to read about and discuss.

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Nah, but I use it as a conversatin starter sometimes.

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Only for entertainment value.

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I prefer the much more reliable method of cutting a chicken’s head off and seeing which woman it runs towards before dying. Also, I never date women who sit at the corners of tables. And whenever I start dating a woman, I try to turn a bluebell flower inside out without breaking it. If it breaks—which, as we all know, is the infallible sign of an unfaithful lover—I make sure to sleep with her sister early on and then break up with her before she can cheat on me. Oh, right: I only date women with sisters. You know… for luck. ~

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I prefer to base my relationships on things that might actually make a difference.

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I don’t. I like to check it out, read horoscopes and all, it’s fun. But I could never take it seriously. I don’t know if there was ever any psychological study done on this, but I think astrological signs and stuff are made in a way that you can make all the relations you want to predictions or depictions of a certain sign. Kind of like saying you knew something was going to happen after it happened, and then claim that you knew this because you can predict the future.
I can also pick up the nasty smell of human nature with this, because so many people always say the worse Zodiac sign is whatever their ex girlfriend/boyfriend has. Lol. Not really a case in point, but to me that stuff is like God, Ninja Turtles and the complete fact that Egyptians created electricity.

Incidentally, I’m a lot more interested in dreams and their meanings, but I can’t take that seriously, either. Still, it is fun to check out and ponder at times.

Now, all in favor of creating a thirteenth Zodiac sign, sacrifice something NOW! :D

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Not in the slightest.

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I’ve read a little bit about astrology, and as a paranormal enthusiast I’m open to the possibility that there may be some truth to it. My horoscopes rarely match my life circumstances, and even if they did this could be by chance so I would still be sceptical. I pay attention to the signs, but for all it’s worth they don’t have a great deal of meaning to me. No factor here for me, but astrology definitely is not my area of expertise.

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My four closest women friends over the past 40 years have all had birthdays within four days of mine and thus were Capricorns. Should I attach any weight to that?

My first husband and my second husband had birthdays two days apart and are thus Cancers. Should I attach any weight to that?

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Lots of Capricorns among us jellies. I’m January, what about you? My husband is an Aries. I think he was the first Aries I ever spent any significant time with, friend or SO. I think Aries is a fire sign? No fire signs at all in my family I don’t think. Hmmmm…..

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Well, it’s fun to talk about.
And I’m a Gemini :)

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