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How much weight do anorexics lose?

Asked by apple10 (27points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I am not nor do I want to be anorexic. I have a research paper due over anorexia but do not have some of the facts. I have looked around but everywhere is mainly just a lecture to not starve yourself. This was the only place I could think of that could help. I need to know how long one can lose without eating for a week to a month.

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Have a look around the web for Pro Anorexia websites (also known as pro-ana). I am aware there’s a pro-ana community on livejournal that may be of some use to you.
I hope you get the info you need…

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The lowest possible wieght that one can obtain without death is ~70lbs (I don’t know the kg conversion) At that wieght your body has already began to eat itself slowly, but it is possible.

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the amount of weight lost is not really the issue. What is much more important is the mindset of the individual. For me, it was never a magic number of how much could I lose it was more about the complete fear of gaining. Weight is never really the issue. It is just a way of dealing with other issues even if you don’t realize it at the time. Even though I am much better and at a healthy weight for height (110; 5ft4in) it is something I will always deal with. I will never be like someone who didn’t suffer from anorexia. Thanks to years of intense ther

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Sorry for the incomplete answers I hit answer by mistake. With lots of professional help (great doctors) I learned how to, for the most part, keep my anorexia under control. Hope this is somewhat helpful. Good luck on the paper.

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How much weight? As much as they can.

I don’t understand your last question. What information are you looking for?

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Its not a lose X amount disease. They lose as much as they can until theyre satisfied. I’m sure the amount is different for different people.
A 200 pound anorexic wants to lose 100, a 100 pound anorexic wants to lose 20, etc.
Try reading the book Fasting Girls. The things that start an eating disorder are fascinating. Things like what kind of parents with what kind of personality types are most apt. to produce children with EDs. Good luck with your assignment!

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That depends on the food they eat (or lack thereof) and how much they exercise. Everybody loses weight differently, you can’t really generalize it.

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