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How can I change the border color around my Tumblr posts?

Asked by JoeDee (17points) August 20th, 2012

I’m trying to change the color of the tables my Tumblr posts and sidebar are on. Currently they are white but I wanted to change them to match the light blue in the background image. Here is the link to the blog:

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Welcome to Fluther.

You’re on the edge of a thin line posting Tumblr questions, you know. We don’t like new users asking for followers (and old users already know better), so don’t cross the line and do that, please.

On the other hand, this seems like a straightforward technical request so… can’t you edit the theme page, or simply change the “source” of your own to modify its attributes? From the little bit of Tumblr that I’ve seen, it seems like there are all sorts of various “theme” pages to use as a basis for your blog. Why not just find an existing theme that you like better than your current default, and either edit that or use it as-is?

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I..never..asked for followers O.o

The problem is I really like the theme I have, I’m just trying to make a slight modification to make it look right. I’m not exactly html savvy so I was hoping someone could just direct me to the section or line of html code that I could edit.

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This might help.

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