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What do you think of Cat Stevens?

Asked by shrubbery (10251points) June 3rd, 2008

My Dad and I used to listen to him together so he reminds me of my Dad. But apart from that I think he is amazing, I just love the sound of his voice and I think his songs are beautiful and very meaningful. His lyrics can be intelligent or just fun. I used to be sad that he converted to Islam but since learning about the religion and reading what he has to say on the matter changed my mind and I admire him for following his heart. I don’t like his recent music as much as I love his old stuff, but I do still like it, and as I said I admire him and they way he is writing about what he believes now and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. What are your thoughts?

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Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat are two very special classic albums that I count among my favorites

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Don’t you mean Yusef Salam? Or is it Yusef Islam?

I also enjoy his older music, but his newer works are not as enjoyable. My mother loves all of his music

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Yes indeed, Yusuf Islam. Sorry. I should know better :P

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I prefer him as Cat Stevens anyway. =p

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Me too, but I’m really grateful for learning about Islam at school since now I’m not disappointed in my favourite artist. I was very ignorant in that respect before!

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Just another religious fanatic.

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But that’s the thing, he’s not a fanatic. We hadn’t heard anything from him since he converted until he made his new album, and he’s not forcing that on anyone. I find that he just goes about his life quietly.

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Sorry sorry sorry I’m asking for your opinions I shouldn’t have answered back like that I’ll keep out of this while you offer your thoughts haha sorry

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Aw man, I’ve been sledgehammered by pop culture. And here’s the proof… when I read this Question, the person who popped in my head first was actually Cat Deeley.

Damn you, Fox Network and your flashy, eye-catching promos!

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I love the music of his that I know, mainly from the film Harold and Maude, which I also love.

Do we all know the story about how he was blacklisted from entering the USA and turned away after flying across the Ocean to the US by Moronland Security?

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I grew up listening to Cat Stevens and love his music. I also love him as Yusef Islam and the songs (natts)- sounds like knots) are beautiful and meaningful. I especially like his childrens natts that teach sharing, respect etc..

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I agree with whatthefluther . I miss the old stuff.

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His music is sweet and I think it’s amazing that he followed God’s call in his life. It’s hard for most of us to set our own priorities aside to see the will of the universe, but he set aside music for a while even though he was amazing and people loved him for it. He’s a true example of “keeping it real”.

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his music is really moving to me especially the song “the wind.” and i love “father and son” too. the only one i really don’t like is “moonshadow.” i realize it’s supposed to be a message about simplicity but he obviously has not (or at least hadn’t at the time that he wrote it) lost a part of his body. it doesnt exactly simplify things.

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I think “Cat Stevens” is awesome; I really loved the Harold and Maude soundtrack and almost all of his songs from that period are good. “Yousef Islam,” not so much…

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I think he is a peice of shit!

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Cat Stevens is legendary.

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Love Cats in the Cradle!

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@chyna…Cat’s in the Cradle was Harry Chapin, not Cat Stevens

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Great song tho (a classic along with Taxi)...I wholeheartedly agree with you!

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@whatthefluther, I listen to Teaser and Tea at least once a month. There just haven’t been very many song craftsmen around like this guy.

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@steelmarket…They were released while I was still in high school and have remained on my active playlist ever since. Classics! I’m going to play Tea immediately. Thanks and see you around… wtf (no offense intended…just my initials and my now standard disclaimer)

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I enjoyed his older music, but have not listened to any of his new albums lately. As a person, I think he comes across as being low-key and leading a comparatively simple life (ie to others in the music industry). Since he converted to Islam, I think he annoyed a lot of people who had pre-existing biases about the religion. Therefore, although he seems to be a good citizen of the world, that’s all overshadowed by his religious choice. It makes sense too, especially in the music industry, since sales are generated by publicity, and the more notorious your public behavior the more interest, and hence, sales you’ll generate for the music execs. So, they probably weren’t happy with him either.

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In the seventies, I looked to him one of several models when developing my performing style. I think his songs are extremely well-crafted, sound good and are a delight to perform!

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what do i think of cat stevens?
as a man and human being, he is a muslim. what is there to say. i do not like him or his music.
racist? maybe. thank God i can still be one at least for a little while longer.

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