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For those who suffer from agoraphobia, how do you deal with getting your hair cut and grocery shopping?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) August 22nd, 2012

Presently dealing with an agoraphobic in my life.

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Can he or she have someone come to the house for the hair cut and pay someone to shop (find a store that delivers) until s/he sorts himself?

I have a good friend who is a shut-in and the hair stylist comes to her. Occasionally, when she is desperate for a trim, she badgers her husband to do it.

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Male and I never thought of asking a barber to make a visit. Are most willing to do that?

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If he lives in a neighborhood that is a little communtiy, I cannot imagine why not. He’d have to pay travel expenses, but that can’t amount to much.

I cut my son’s, four step-sons’, husband’s and neighborhood boys’ hair for years until I got tired of it. We did it on the dock and brushed the cut hair into the lake.

You essential either cut layers or all one length.

It’s an easy skill to learn, unless the guy has challenging hair (cow-licks, natural curl, extra thick, etc.)

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I am cutting my hair myself.

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It seems the whole shop online and have groceries delievered to your house thing is becoming pretty popular, at least in the more populated areas. So that should be an easier one to deal with. And as others have mentioned cutting hair isn’t all that hard and you could always ask to have the barber come to you if you’re willing to pay a bit more. Or they can just go the hippie route and forget about hair cuts. I honestly cant remember the last time someone cut my hair :P

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My hair stylist started cutting hair from her house, so it would be just getting there if the person is agoraphic, but able to travel a little. I also had a hair dresser who came to my house for a while. My aunt has someone in her building who cuts hair, she just walks down to her apartment. She has a special sink in her apartment and everything. I’m not agoraphobic and neither is my aunt, but just relaying info.

It’s much easier to be agoraphobic in a big city ironically. More services. My grandma had her groceries and food delivered the last few years before she had an aide caring for her, because of her back. She couldn’t lift the bags anymore, couldn’t get around as well.

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My brother owns a salon, and one of his clients is agoraphobic. He stops by her house on his way home and cuts her hair.

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My sister cuts my hair and, when things get untenable, I shop in the middle of the night (or while the local football team is playing as the store is empty!)

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Read every book Claire Weekes has written. For your own good and quality of life, you have to strive to overcome, not give in.

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My mom cuts her hair herself and has her partner do all the errands as well as earn the living.

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@rooeytoo It’s a family member who has back issues. The only time that he leaves his yard is when he has a doctor’s appt.

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My sister had a hairdresser visit her home, she was luckily quite well off so she had someone who would do her shopping too. I was stunned one day when I went round to her house and she had all new furniture. She had called up a major department store and they sent someone out who talked to her and chose furniture for her and then it was delivered. She did go out on occasions but it was very rare. If you have the money, people will deliver pretty much anything you could want.

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After reading more of the answers it occurs to me to add my husband cuts my hair half the time, and I’m not even agoraphobic, just get fed up with not having it cut how I want in a salon and paying for it anyway. One of the big tricks in cutting hair is buy a pair of hair cutting scissors. They sell them at the drug store. The difference between them and a regular pair of scissors is drastic.

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@Mama_Cakes – those books are like miracles, get your family member to read them. Also I think there are groups that work on a sort of 12 step principle that are very effective. The power of a group is always miraculous as well.

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I cut my own hair for a long time. Luckily, now, I have a neighbor that is a hairdresser and she is happy to come over and cut my hair.
I depend on other people to do my grocery shopping, but I am alright with going to the store as long as I don’t have to drive there and if someone is with me. That may not be true for everyone with agoraphobia, sometimes people have to depend on others or on delivery services for these things. I can go to the store with my husband or a family member if they are driving the car. Not for long periods of time, though. I went shopping in the spring with my mother (who loves to shop), and we were in the stores for 5–6 hours and I was so exhausted and mentally worn down when we got home that I had to go straight to bed. It just beat me up being out that long, that much anxiety is as tiring as physical exertion.

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My hairdresser is a mobile hairdresser, calls her business Hair 2 Go, she does not work out of a salon at all, a cut costs $45. My neighbour buys all her groceries online from a supermarket online shopping website, delivery is only $15, she is very happy with the serviceā€¦ I live in NZ.

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@Mama_Cakes: Could chronic pain and fear of incurring more pain (a sure thing with back issues) be part of his issue rather than agoraphobia?

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Perhaps you’re right.

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I have a vertigo issue and thus always wash and condition my hair in my own shower. I arrive at the salon with clean wet hair and have it cut only. I get charged the regular rate and leave a nice tip. Most people will accomodate.

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