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What would be your dog's (or any other pets you may have) confession?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25251points) August 23rd, 2012

If your dog (or other animal) appeared on what would be their confession?

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She would probably admit it has been she that has been removing all the ID /vaccination tags from her brother’s collar and hiding them somewhere.

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I can’t help it. Your leg just turns me on.

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I ate the cat poop while I was in the basement. I’m also about to throw it up on the kitchen floor.

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I tripped you on purpose all those times, I totally knew exactly what I was doing when I peed in Sam’s slippers, and I’ve been plotting to overthrow the household regime and use my mind control to make you all my slaves.

Love, Difford

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MIlo here; I have no secrets. It is common knowledge that I tolerate Gail only because she is so docile, malleable, and submissive. If not, I would kid her to the curb.

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She’d probably say something like…“Wanna know who was licking your face while you slept? That was me big boy, now show me what ya got!!”
She follows me everywhere, seems she likes the wiggle of my arse.

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( sniffles ) I was still making love with the neighbor’s pretty pooch…then I turned my back on her. ( sobs ) And shee diiid the saaame…

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I peed on the new oak veneer entertainment center, and turned it into garbage.

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You know when you thought I was hiding under your car? I was really in the side yard snacking on the neighbor cat’s poop. Yum, yum.

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“I sleep on ALL of the furniture, not just the couch and the armchair and the other couch and the beds. And I ate your fish tacos because I wanted them and you were in the shower anyway.”
I’ll take an apology from that animal over a confession any day. I know what she’s done.

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