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Am I sleep deprived?

Asked by BBawlight (2427points) August 24th, 2012

For the past few days since Monday, I’ve been extremely tired and not really into it. Everything I did was completely mechanical and I forgot to do so many things like eat meals and my homework. I didn’t have even slightest emotion until Thursday afternoon. It was like all of the sleep I haven’t gotten just catches up with me.
Am I sleep deprived? If so, what can I do to make it stop?

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Uh, go to bed and fall asleep?

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How much sleep have you been getting?

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@bewailknot I’ve been getting a normal amount of sleep but it doesn’t seem like enough. I’ve been doing very well in my studies but haven’t been able to think clearly about the usual stuff. My writing is atrocious (if you haven’t noticed) and does the same thing as right now.

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Are you depressed? That would account for the listlessness and anomie.

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It could very well be due to a lack of sleep or a change in sleep patterns. How much sleep are you getting each night? Do you go to bed at different times? Is it a restless sleep?

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’ve been trying to take naps after school but I always feel weird afterwards. Like cold and thirsty and tired. I get the chills after I take a nap and I want to throw up any water that I drink. I’m getting about 7½ hours each night not including naps. Sleep is really restless and leaves me so tired when I wake up that I don’t think about doing the most instinctive tasks like using the restroom upon waking or even eating breakfast. I get dressed for school, but that’s about it.It’s been like this for days.
I go to bed at relatively the same time every night. 10:30 p.m. But my sleep patterns have changed since starting school. But what I don’t understand is that my menstrual cycle hasn’t come around for about two months I know I’m not pregnant, though. I think it’s like that woman who lived underground without any sense of time for a year (sorry no link).

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@gailcalled I’m a bit anxious to receive some information that will clear my suspicions. But I’ve decided to wait for the bigger picture before assuming things about people.

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Thank you for the additional information. It’s time to visit a doctor. I would also suggest keeping a journal of your sleep patterns, eating habits, and physical feelings. It can be valuable for a doctor when diagnosing what might be the cause.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thank you, but I can’t go into a hospital. No. The energy levels are too high and I will get physically sick if I’m in a hospital for too long. It suffocates me. I just want to get some sleep and not feel this tired anymore. So any other options? (I might just be acting like this because I cannot take a nap right now, so I’m tired)

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Visiting a doctor is not the same thing as being checked into a hospital. If you are living with your parents, talk to them about it. If you are on a college campus, go to their clinic.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I don’t like going into any time of medical facility but I’m sure that I can get them to come to me. Anyway, until I get a doctor I won’t be able to sleep properly? I want to sleep right now, but insomnia is kicking my ass right now. I just want to sleep.

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How about mononucleosis?

Initial symptoms include;



General discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling

Loss of appetite

Muscle aches or stiffness

Some other causes of chronic fatigue in teen-aged girls.

Your symptoms are alarming; you need to tell your parents. You need to see a doctor who will do blood work, check your lymph nodes, temp., etc.

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@BBawlight No one enjoys a doctor’s visit, but sometimes it is required. Numerous people deal with restless sleep and lethargy for a variety of reasons. You need to get a consultation from someone skilled in asking the right questions and conducting the right tests, if necessary.

@gailcalled Mono crossed my mind as well. When my sister had it, she slept with alarming frequency, which makes me doubt that this is the case.

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The thirsty and tired part makes me think there’s a possibility of diabetes. Sorry my linky thingee isn’t working right now. Just go to and see if this sounds like your situation.

Another possibility is that you have become anemic.

You might just want to get a check up with your doctor : )

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It sounds like a little bit of depression to me. If your getting the usual amount of sleep and that has not changed I would look into something else. Depression can cause tiredness and feeling how you have felt. Sometimes it can come on without a negative reason. Something bad does not have to happen for it to set in. I agree seeing a dr for a check up might be a good idea if this continues. Good luck

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@BBawlight It’s been a month since this question was posted. How are you doing? Did you ever end up going to the doctor’s?

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’m fine now. No, I didn’t my mom got me some melatonin to help get it on the right track. It seems that my brain was releasing melatonin during the day and it kinda wore off at night.
Over summer vacation I had spent most of my time in my room on my PSP without any outside lighting and that was what was messing with the release of melatonin.

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Thanks so much for the update. It’s great to hear that you are better.

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