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Why call them “Skinny Jeans” if they are not being worn by someone who is actually skinny?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) August 24th, 2012

Is it really genuine to call them “Skinny Jeans” when the person wearing them are not skinny? If the reason for them being “Skinny Jeans” is because skinny people wear them why that moniker? I can’t honestly say it makes a non-skinny look skinny, it just makes the non-skinny person look as if they are wearing ill-fitting jeans.

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I think they are called skinny jeans because they are narrow at the ankle, and after a long run of popularity for flares and bootcuts they were the “new” thing, different because of the skinny cut of the leg.

Also, I don’t give a flying shit what anyone else wears, if I don’t like it, I don’t look.

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Finall, a cogent question upon which I agree with @Hypocrisy_Central ! Yes, only those with appropriate figures should be permitted to buy skinny jeans.

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If a big person wears skinny jeans, those jeans are still called skinny jeans, no matter what they end up looking like on the person. Technically, anyways.

As far as I’m concerned though, skinny jeans are ugly on everybody. Also, welcome back.

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It’s the jeans that are skinny, not the people who buy or wear them. The company doesn’t give a hoo haa who buys or wears them. They just want to sell them. If you have any influence, get a state legislator to write a new law about who can wear what. (it probably won’t pass.)

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They might not be called skinny jeans in those cases. I would call it war, war between fabric and ass and which side will eventually win.


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I think people should just wear whatever they want. With all the heinous trends that have come and gone, skinny jeans don’t even make it into the top ten.

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I think they are unattractive on anyone no matter their body type. However as @Haleth says, people can wear what they want. But, it should also be said that I can stare in amazement if I choose as well! Personally I would get claustrophobia if I tried to wear them, my legs would suffocate!

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Sure they can.

Just like if you used a smart phone, it would still be called a smart phone. ;-)

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Change the name to ‘skin tight’ jeans, problem solved.

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They’re just another style, along with bootcut, flare, etc. As for caring what other people wear…well, I can’t say I do.

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It’s the same with “granny boots” a popular choice of footwear amongst the Hell’s Angels community of naughty bikers.

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Reading the word “skinny” eight times in your query and details makes me forget what it means.

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Grin! Welcome back!

Too-small skinny jeans on big people have a hard time staying up, did you notice that?

Also, skinny jeans don’t seem to make as much of a muffin top as the low cut jeans do. Some people just have to be in style in a smaller size even if it doesn’t look good.

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@linguaphile – I notice the falling down problem too. Especially on hipless young males. They end up with their entire butts hanging out and the crotch of the jeans literally at their knees. Thank goodness they all seem to wear pretty underpants! Fashions over the years are amazing and I must admit when I was younger I went along with most of them.

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@rooeytoo When I was younger, and before I had money to buy my own clothes, I desperately wanted to go along with the fashions but my mother would not allow it, no way, no how. She was of the old-school American South belief that your clothes should be impeccable, and what looks like sh—looks like sh—no matter what the magazines say. My mom’s very opinionated and very vocal—

So, any time I went shopping later, I’d “hear” my mom in my head. :D It’s a good memory though.

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@rooeytoo @linguaphile I notice the falling down problem too. These foolish young men do not know the origin of that asinine sagging, bagging crap. They do not know it came from the LA Crip gangs of the 80s (and why it became fashion and has not died out like bell bottoms and polyester leisure suits) to be able to ID other Crip members without flashing colors that would get the cops on their ass. Then some lucky Crip bastards became rappers and started flashing that trash in music videos (I suspect) and it was all down hill after that.

However as @Haleth says, people can wear what they want. Make no mistake, for me it is not the issue if people should be allowed to wear them or not, it is they are not skinny on non-skinny people and do not make them appear any skinnier; just like they did not have the good sense to choose jeans that fit. If anything it makes the non-skinny person look even less thin.

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The Wrangler jeans of the past used to be called “Stranglers” because they supposedly had too small of a leg / ball room area. Sitting down the wrong way could send you to the ER.

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