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How important is clothing/fashion to you? Where do you buy clothing from most often?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) April 27th, 2009

I’m not a fashion freak, but I do try and look good. I just wear what I like. If I want to wear a turquoise striped sweater (like I did today), then I will. I try and match with my clothing. I once had a friend point out that I was matching perfectly almost every day one week and I was like “oh, I guess it just happened that way”. But no. It was on purpose. He probably thought I was gay. ;P

I guess I shop most often at Pac Sun and Macy’s Men’s Store. I have some stuff from American Eagle, Aeropostale, and even thrift shops, but most of my stuff comes from the first two I named and the brands can really vary at those stores.

Please don’t turn this into a brand-bashing or an attempt to judge people based on the brand of clothing they wear. This is just out of curiosity.

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I don’t care much for fashion. I wear what I like. Usually what’s most comfortable. Most of my clothes come from bad places (k-mart, meijers, ect) and some is from mall stores (old navy, am. eagle, ect.) and some is from thrift stores.

I’m basically poor, so my choices are limited of where I buy anything and price is probably the biggest factor in my purchasing decisions.

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Hey, discount stores aren’t always bad. I found several cool cheap striped polo shirts at Target.

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By bad I meant stuff like they used sweat shops to make the clothes.

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It’s pretty damn important. I go for quality over brand names. I’m not a billboard.
Oh, and I like The Limited, Banana Republic, etc.

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Yeah, I will admit to being totally oblivious to where my clothes are made. I just don’t really pay attention.

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I really don’t either. But I try to avoid the ones characterized as such.

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i love clothes and shoes and ties and sweaters and sport jackets—i love clothes! as a teenager, i was fascinated with GQ magazines and would spend my little check on one polo shirt by ralph lauren.

i had to have it—those shoes, that tie, that sweater! i wore a giogio armani suit from bigsby & kruthers here in chicago for my high school graduation. years later and three kids and a mortgage, i had to scale it back, but i still treat myself to nice suits.

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I have worn, invariably, khaki cargo pants, a solid white or black T-shirt, white socks, and, if conditions demand it, a flannel shirt (unbuttoned) or black hoodie, for more than six years now. The cargo pants are incredibly convenient, and everything else is comfortable, cheap, and relieves the burden of actually having to choose what to wear. The ensemble is, of course, eminently style-less, but I suppose one could argue that I am even more particular about what I wear than your ordinary fashionista, and that fashion is therefore unusually important to me- I just have my own peculiar tasteless taste.

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It’s not a high priority but I of course try to look good. I try to be a well versed person what isn’t easy (I’m not saying I am just I try)

Boxers I got today

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It is one of my favorite things about Australia, once you get out of Sydney and Melbourne, most people dress for comfort not for fashion, although the younger females sometimes buy into the fashion magazine propaganda.

Here in the tropics, it has to be loose and cotton or you swelter. And like Jayne, I love cargo shorts because I need all those pockets for phone, camera, money, water bottle and kitchen sink!

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I am a very basic person in just about all respects appearance-wise. I wear Levi’s 501s, polo shirts (mostly from Lands End, but several cheaper ones, too), and PF Flyers retro tennis shoes. Hair in a ponytail just about everyday, no make-up, no jewelry. My idea of dressed up is a pair of khakis and a button up shirt, a pair of earrings, a little makeup and wearing my hair down.

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Only wear shirts i love buy from online usually no preference on pants.

Only rock Nike on the feet though ;)

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I pay absolutely zero attention to fashion or who makes my clothes. In fact, most of them have the labels cut out of them by the time I get them. That is standard practice in Charity Thrift Stores.

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I like to think I dress pretty cute, I don’t follow trends really. I wear what’s comfortable and cute. Fashion isn’t important, but looking decent is.

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I have to dress semi-professional for work, so I have to pay attention to the way I look. I shop at Banana Republic, Express & Macy’s for my work clothes, mostly. Other than that, depending on my mood and the weather, I wear anything from old jeans and a tee, to long dresses and frilly tops. For more casual clothes I like Lucky, Gap, Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. But honestly, if I put all my clothes together, most come from Target. You can get anything at Target.

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@tinyfaery Target is great.

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I love clothes, always have but anymore I indulge mainly for work and have resigned myself to jeans and t-shirts the rest of the time. If my lifestyle ever affords again, I might take up vintage fashion again but I’ve grown content not dressing up, more at ease with myself in the most bare duds.

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i’m attracted to things that i think are good-looking, and then if it’s comfortable i’ll buy it. if i like something an it is very uncomfortable, i won’t buy it ):
i don’t follow trends, but a lot of the things i like tend to be trends. however, i don’t stop wearing things just because the trend vanishes. for example, flannel. i was looking for a flannel for quite awhile, and found one at forever 21 finally, but before they were ‘in style’ or ‘scene’, or whatever. it was on sale in the men’s department, but i had to have it, and wore it like every day. a few months later, it was the new ‘cool’ thing, and everyone had these trendy flannel shirts, and i was kind of upset, but i don’t really care – i like it. people don’t wear them as much anymore, but i still wear them.

i shop everywhere. i go to target a lot, because it’s pretty reasonably priced, and it’s convenient. forever 21, too. they have a lot of variety. i feel like i’m going to see everyone in the shirt i just bought the next day though, but it doesn’t really matter. i go to this little vintage store that i am in loveee with too. and thrift stores! i love thrifting. and wal mart when i’m not exactly up to par in terms of morality. and i buy band shirts at shows on occasion. but really, anywhere.

i’m really interested in fashion. in fact, if the fashion business wasn’t so catty and everchanging and fast-paced – and of course, if i were more artistic – i would absolutely want to be a fashion designer. i think fashion is very interesting – the process, the way the street and the fashion community influence and feed off of eachother, etc. i love eccentricities in fashion – things on the runway that no one would ever wear in real life – but i also love street style, and how it differs place to place. i think what you wear has the potential to express your personality. of course this DEFINITELY isn’t always the case, but i like when people can/do.

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I love fashion! I think fashion is important because the way you look says a lot about you. If your clothes are sloppy and worn out it looks like you dont take pride in yourself. I don’t follow all the trends, but I do follow the ones that are appropriate for my body type. I love shoes, bags, jewelry, and especially jeans. I’m not snobby about labels, but i wont buy cheaply made clothes. I like to buy a few expensive things and mix them with cheaper things, like a good pair of jeans with a plain white t-shirt from target. The stores I mostly shop at in the mall are express, banana republic, macys, lord and taylor, metropark, bebe, guess, urban outfitters, NY&Co, limited. I prefer going to little shops downtown or shopping online for more one of a kind things.

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My closet is a fashion nightmare. I wear what I find to be comfortable; from my shoes to my outerwear. I shop mostly at moderately to high priced outlets because I like my clothes to last a long time. For the same reason I wash all my clothes with Woolite and hang just about everything out to dry, not using the dryer.

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Very actually. I aproach my clothes like most other things in my life (transportation, food, housing)

If i have no choice than to contend with it, it might as well be a source of pleasure and satisfaction.

@elijah: GA

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Clothes are important in many ways. People will naturally judge what you wear. Your style/taste in clothes sounds very nice.

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I don’t really care about clothes. I’m a jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl, but most of my crap is from American Eagle… jeans and t-shirts :P

I don’t really try to be “cute” because I don’t like to have attention, so no, its not really very important to me. Maybe one day, but I’d rather attract a laid back guy

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I hate the idea of lining the pockets of the retailers. Why should I help make them even richer? If it’s ½ price or less and comfortable I may buy it. If it’s regular price I won’t. I almost Never shop, the stores are too hot inside and I’d rather just wear the same things year after year.
I’d much rather spend money on the house or dogs. I certainly won’t drop big bucks in a fancy boutique like people in this town like to brag about. They even save the bags and hang them in their closets as if they want to impress. Phooey.
I admit to a weakness for jewelry.

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