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Whats the best pizza place?

Asked by ninja_man (1133points) August 26th, 2012

What is your favorite place, eat-in or take-out, to buy a pizza?

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Antonio’s – Amherst, MA

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GQ! I love good pizza. If I have to choose between pizza and sex, I think there’s only one person I know of that could make me choose sex. Otherwise, too bad Mister Happy. Two places in Lake Placid, Main St Pizza and Milano North, one in Hamilton NY, Oliveri’s, one in Sidney, Two Dough Boys and NY Pizzeria in Cooperstown and New Berlin. Most of the rest are pretty average. I think I saw a figure that only 5 percent of pizzerias are really really good.

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Lombardi’s in lower Manhattan. The only pizza place I can stomach.

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A little place here called Pizza Maximum that has really great pizza. I especially love their spicy Mexican pizza.

There’s also a place in Montréal that makes fantastic pizza, but I’ve only been there twice or so, and I can’t remember the name.

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For real New York style pizza on the Big Island, there’s no place like Hawaii Pizza and Deli in Hilo.

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A difficult question but I know it is somewhere in Italy.

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Firenze’s pizza in my home town.

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In Providence RI on Federal Hill (which is Rhode Island’s Italian community) there is a great pizza place called Sicilia’s and do they have the best stuffed pizza. Since moving from Rhode Island when visiting I stop and pick one up to bring home…. mmmmm so good, I may need to make a trip to RI soon to get one.

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Here in SI., New York it was Good Fellows. We have some decent pizza in SI., New York and Manhattan. People from out of town tell me we have the best.

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I don’t think I’ve had the best pizza. I have that to look forward to.

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I love pizza and if weren’t for the little devil sitting on my shoulder, I’d probably eat it every day.

For Scicilian style pizza I would have to say Carlucci’s in Las Vegas.

For woodfired pizza it’s a toss up between California Pizza Kitchen especially the white pizza or the wild mushroom pizza, or Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. I usually get the 5 cheese or the Mushroom pizza.

And believe it or not, the slices at the takeout window at Costco are fantastic!

My cousin made homemade pizzas using Trader Joe’s refrigerated dough, then he barbecued them on his grill! They were fantastic, approaching pizza nirvana. He made about 12 different kinds including one that had olive oil, ricotta cheese, fresh tomatoes and then he threw some fresh arugula on top when it came off the grill.

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@Kardamom You are making me hungry!

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Pizza Bella in San Diego was memorable; I haven’t been there since ‘98 and can still taste their pies.

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My favourite takeaway pizzas are from a little independent takeaway about five minutes walk from where I live. It’s been run by a father and his sons since I moved here, in 1987. What I like best about them is they’re very generous with the toppings, and the base is never greasy like some takeaways often are.

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Vincents in Pittsburgh, PA :D I love pizza.

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Ristorante Pizzeria Aurora – - Island of Capri Italy Pizza Margherita—Aqua no gas

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Santarpio’s – East Boston, MA

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There’s a place in the mall near me that’s fantastic, though you wouldn’t expect it at all just by looking at the place. It’s one of the only places around here where you can buy pizza by the slice (I’m a fan of just getting a slice of plain cheese) and the pieces are pretty big. I think it’s just an independently owned place though.

If we’re talking chain pizza places, I’d definitely have to go with Papa John’s. I’ve yet to have any pizza from a chain restaurant that surpasses a slice of veggie pizza from Papa John’s!

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Independent, Giovanni’s New York Pizza in my town. Their crust is fantastic! For chain pizza, I like Papa John’s (John’s Favorite specialty pizza, cooked well-done, with lots of garlic sauce.) But the owner’s kind of a jerk, so I’m semi-boycotting them right now.

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Tommy’s pizza. Columbus OH. Best pizza. Best subs too.

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@josie I am going to have to take all this info and create a map so that I visit them all one day! Thanks for being specific!

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@augustlan The owner of Papa John’s is a jerk? How?

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@ninja_man He starting raising prices for his mediocre pizza because he was mad about “Obamacare”.
It’s only pizza, why you heff to be mad.

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@ninja_man Yeah, he raised the price on his pizzas by 10 cents, and said “blame it on “Obamacare”. Which should actually end up saving him money, but even if it didn’t, he couldn’t eat the 10 cents? Bleh.

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Mountain Mike’s thick crust combination in Concord, near the bowling alley, not the one by Kaspers.
Even if I am buying just for me, I get an extra large, and freeze the left overs. It’s outstanding.

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I believe the pizza you were brought up eating becomes the standard by which you measure all others. Whenever I go back to my hometown, I grab a pie from the same place. The best.
Village Pizza, Greenfield MA.

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Pizza Cutters in Castle Hill (Sydney) has the best takeaway. GPK (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen) in Castle Towers piazza is the best eat in.

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Here is a list of “five pizza places worth flying to” but really, these sound weak.

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