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Are dental sealants for kids safe and worthwhile?

Asked by tom_g (16630points) August 27th, 2012

My son’s dentist has recommended dental sealants for my 7 year-old son, despite the fact that he’s never had a cavity. I have to call back tomorrow to talk to the dentist, but I am doing some research now to prep for the conversation.

It appears that these sealants last between 5 and 10 years, and they are primarily used on molars. These sealants – or many of them – contain BPA.

What is your experience with sealants? What is your understanding of the pros and cons?

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I had them. They seem safe enough, and I know that they probably saved me from a lot of cavities.
There may be non-BPA sealants out there.

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Note: I just left a message cancelling the scheduled appointment he had. I can always reschedule if I learn anything that results in sealants making sense in this situation.

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I think they’re wonderful. All of my childhood cavities were on the chewing surfaces of my molars, where sealants are used these days. Fillings wear out, of course, and every time they get replaced the filling gets bigger. Finally, by my age, you get crowns because there’s not much tooth left. Both my kids, now in their twenties, got sealants, and avoided the whole downhill slide. Adults get fewer cavities, so they’ll undoubtedly have far fewer problems than I had.

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< is a dentist and have placed many sealants: They are plastic, and may contain BPAs. However, in my experience they greatly reduce tooth decay, and I have never noted nor heard of harm or injury resulting. They usually wear off in several years. I have had them myself. Alot of it may depend on your kid’s current risk for tooth decay, and age of the kid. I think they’re a good thing, but I also think fluoride (not systemic as in water) treatments are a good thing. I know the dentist will recommend them, but as a parent it will be up to you to decide. If you decide against, please make sure your kids teeth are brushed very carefully every day.

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My son is a young adult and thank God his teeth are fine. They were sealed starting at three years old. He is autistic and he is not happy about Dental visits. I also make sure he brush’s and flosses every day.

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Due to the expense of having this done, I only had my children’s adult teeth sealed, and with great success.

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My kid’s sealants were covered by insurance, and has worked because they are both in their teens without a single cavity between them.

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I had them done when I was 7. I’ve never had a cavity.

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Hey Tom, sounds like your are a good parent.I myself had the same question.My first goal was to find an top ADA dentist.I also done research on this thru the ADA website and found that the best choice of sealant was a resin-based sealant.The dentist that my children go to has used sealants on their teeth for years.It has definitely made a difference in keeping cavity’s down.Hope this has helped you out,Good Luck!

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sealants saved me and my kids from many cavities (my kids don’t brush – 11 and 12 year olds – so much going on in this house we have to pick our battles, take it as you may, you don’t live it – but they have had NO cavities since their sealants were placed at age 7 and have probably brushed 4 times since then. I am leary of the dentist for all the neurological and pain issues I have that point to mercury poisoning, but like they say, the sealants are plastic.

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