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Is it possible for a woman to rape a man without drugs or alcohol? NSFW?

Asked by chelle21689 (6786points) August 29th, 2012

I’m talking about vaginal intercourse. Not forcing anal or oral. This discussion came up randomly between my boyfriend and I, haha. Well, he claims that it’s not possible for an unattractive girl to rape him because he wouldn’t get an erection since he wouldn’t be turned on by her. If it was a good-looking girl, and if he didn’t want to cheat on me but if she forced him, it might get hard. He is actually very sensitive to losing an erection if he’s distracted or whatever.

My last ex claims that even if the girl was ugly and unattractive, the penis can still get hard because of the stimulation whether you want it or not.

Who is right? I mean, is it still rape if a guy is getting raped by a woman he think is good-looking and gets a hard on although he is forced?

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Yup. The male body often reacts to fear with an erection.

Also, rape is about consent, not attraction or arousal. Doesn’t matter how physically aroused someone is, or if they have an orgasm, it matters if they consented.

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“Forced”? Hmm. Forcedness implies creating fear, generally, and fear is usually a bit of a limpnessmaker in many humans; but this depends on the psychology of the forcee, because some people’s mind/bodies respond to fear with arousal. Check with your bf and see if that works for him. If so, twist his nose or show him a picture of a gun when you want some.

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I think you’re talking forced in the sense of physically held against ones will and had sex with? In that case, yes, it can happen.

There’s also a broader legal definition of rape which happens even more in which the victim says no, but the perpetrator goes ahead anyway.

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He hated talking about this with me and was like, “How about we’ll worry about this if it happens, okay?” and I said, “Okay…I’m going to put on some scary clown makeup and crazy wigs, and a clownsuit, do dirty things to you and see if you still get an erection” LOL

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Well no, rape is a crime of humiliation. Abuse and degradation. So not sure a guy can keep a hard on through that, unless he is a submissive or pain “slut”. So yes! she can, because if the rape contains all of the above, he’s been raped.

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Watch the movie Thursday . I’m pretty sure one scene in the film will answer this question well enough.

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I do not believe so.

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It is possible since an erection can be forced. Personally I’ve never heard of this actually happening (though I’m sure it has), where a woman raped a guy in the way you’ve described. I’ve heard of many cases where a guy was raped in the way you’ve described where blackmail was concerned, and not by physical force. I’ve heard some stories where a few Russian women raped some men by force (sererate cases), but I’m not sure if any of them were true or not.

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A man can get an erection and even orgasm while unconscious. There are numerous reports showing that the lynching of man can even cause one. Not sure Id really be thinking about sex while hanging by the neck dieing. Men also can get them during prostate examination regardless of sexual preference. The penis works just like the lungs. You have some control over it, but in the end the body will override the conscious mind. A rubber band at the base of the penis combined with some lubricated copulation and even a monkey can force a man to get an erection. To any man that denies this, simply ask him if he has ever experienced a erection when he didn’t want it, such as at work. We’ve all had those embarrassing moments when we realize its happening and just hope we can wait it out without anyone noticing. Happens to me ever time I try to fight falling asleep, especially if I have been putting of using the restroom.

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