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What are some of your favorite T-shirts that you have worn?

Asked by Only138 (4638points) August 30th, 2012

In the past…or present, what are some of your favorite T-shirts that you have sported over the years? Like, maybe band shirts, movie shirts, cool sayings….etc

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My favourite ones are:

“Most papal I know think that I’m crazy”, which was to coincide with the pope coming to Sydney for world youth day.

“Llama- Peru”, which has the Puma symbol with Llama instead of Puma, and a jumping Llama.

And, a jumper that says “The dog ate my lesson plans.” My students like that one!

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I love wearing my Bad Religion shirt…..and all the dirty looks that come along with it. LOL

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A well worn plain brown “Dickies” T that I call my “lucky shirt” because when I have it on, things seem to go my way more often. It’s getting a tad holey in places so I’m really needing some good things coming my way in order to put it on. That, and the more I use it, the earlier it will wear out and have to be replaced. But with what?
It’s like that Vietnam war movie where one of the squad carried a decapitated VC head in his pack for good luck until it started to stink so bad he was ordered to get rid of it. And there went any good luck they were having. A hard decision to make, that.

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My “Drunken State” collegiate T. It really looked like it was a real college T until you read it.

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My favorite one right. Now says “Love>Fear”

I had one when I was a kid that said, “Last year in Oregon, 366 people fell off their bikes…....and drowned.”

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I have a lot of cool star wars shirts, my favorite is probably the one with boba fetts profile and him holdin up a blaster. Got a lot of really cool Batman/other super hero shirts. And then of course there is my Fluther shirt.

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The mother of the other co-founder of Fluther sent me a celery-green T that read “I Am the Grammarian About Whom Your Mother Warned You.”

A surprisingly large number of people (including two of my doctors, both of whose wives were writers) wanted to buy if off my back.

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A long time ago my favorite was my Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax t-shirt. Besides the logo on the back, what I really liked is it had a star on the front just like the t-shirt Zonker Harris wore in Doonesbury.

Now a days my favorites are a t-shirt I got on Maui with the Hawaiian Islands on it, with Maui in a different color, and with the latitude and longitude of Lahaina on the side. And one from Kauai with the logo of the Koloa Surf Shop.

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My freshman dorm floor T and my life guard jersey.

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I bought a very cool jelly t-shirt online that someone here pointed out a couple of years ago. It’s my favorite t-shirt. I wish I could figure out what the website was. I haven’t been able to find anything so nice since.

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I had a shirt as a teen that said ’‘We Fuck, you suck’’ on it. I wore it at school just to be an idiot, and sure enough, they made me change into my gym shirt for the rest of the day. Lol. Speaking of slang worded shirts, I had a ’‘fuck everything’’ shirt. That’s not what it said, but all over the front, it said things like, fuck girl scouts cookies, fuck the post office, fuck work, a whole bunch of things. It was interesting that every single sentence was in a different type of font, too. In fact I still have that shirt. I keep it for nostalgia’s sake; it’s nigh unwearable now. For one it’s faded from black to pale gray, and the seams are coming apart. So I guess that was a favorite shirt since I wore it so much.

But if we’re into music shirts, I had the famous black Nirvana t-shirt with the yellow happy face on it, that I wore to death. Not that I was the biggest Nirvana fan, but the shirt was just really comfortable and I loved the happy face on it.
I also had an Econoline Crush shirt. It said ’‘The Devil you Know’’ on it, which is the last good album, in my opinion, they came out with. I was a huge fan back as a teen, so I loved the shirt. (even though the first two albums kick way more ass than The Devil you Know)

I also had a kickass Metallica hoodie that had a cool blue ’‘Metallica’’ on the front, and the ’‘Ride the Lightning’’ in the back, complete with the flying chair. Unfortunately I lost it, I have no clue what happened to it. It was all soft and comfy. :D

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I’m a band kid. I love my band shirts.
I think my favorite shirt that I own is my Ice Nine Kills Shirt, that my momma got me for my birthday. Mostly because it says “I believe in Dinosaurs.” on the back. :]

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I had a pink shirt with black lettering saying, “When in doubt sing LOUD.” Singers loved it.
Also had a black shirt with white paw prints of many animals. A grocery clerk was very enthusiastic about it and told me all about his hunting. I washed it and gave it to the clerk the next time I went in.

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I used to love my shirts that said
“G_ f_ck y_ _ rs_lf.
Would you like to buy a vowel?”
Unfortunately, I lost it when I moved. :(

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I have a shirt that says “Please disregard any undeserved compliments” that I bought off of

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Many years ago, there was a family of mentally and physically challenged children living in a house in Montclaire, California. On a local TV commercial, they were wearing T-shirts that said “I Am A DeBolt.”
Soon after, I had a T-shirt made that said “I Am Not A DeBolt”.

I also had a shirt that said “Eat The Rich”, and another that had the two thumbed fist clutching a Peyote button that said Gonzo.
But I think the one I loved the most had a japanese drawing of a samurai.

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I have a lot of great shirts. Many from the 70s and 80s from my dads attic, he was a graphic designer and did a lot of designs for tshirts and luckily, he was the same size I am now. Those shirts are all so soft and they fit perfectly. More recently I found a shirt in a thrift store that is lime green and has a picture of pizza, a greater than sign, then a picture of vegetables. Well it’s more like clip art but it’s funny and I cut it up and wear it proudly now. I have a pizza problem. I could probably only narrow it down to my top 10 shirts if I really desired. I have one old one with the solar system on it that I think it pretty dope.

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