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My husband wants to know who is your favorite NFL team, and why?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42270points) August 31st, 2012

? Guess I should change my avatar fer awhile.

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49ers. Been a fan since John Brody. Joe Montana was the best quarterback in the history of the game. Jim Harbaugh is the best coach in the game, especially at getting players to play above their skill level.

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49ers. Habit, curiosity, tradition, Bill Walsh and hope.

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Saints. I grew up going to their games.

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The Patriots because:
• I’m from New England
• I still live here
• I don’t really watch sports
• but I do like football

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Green Bay Packers.

I’ve always liked the fact that the city owns the team, so a city that would normally not be able to support an NFL team actually has one.

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Don’t have one.

Never been a fan of American Football. Every time I’ve tried to watch a game, it’s always a bunch of dudes running around for about 4 seconds and then a whistle blows telling them to stop. Boring as hell. Really, I seriously don’t get how that is entertaining to people. I mean I’ve obviously seen footage of the greats making those amazing plays, like O.J. back in the 70’s, but those seem so few and far between.

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Was taken to a game by an enthusiastic uncle and can’t get ‘em outta my system since.

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Not sure why. I think it came about during my formative years at a time when they could be counted on to beat the Cowboys fairly regularly and the Cowboys were everybodies darlin’s.

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Dallas. I grew up watching their games and I was born in Texas.
Steelers, just because I was THERE in the 70’s watching Da Machine.

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The Oakland Raiders.
I was born in Oakland, and in my youth they had a series of magnificent teams. Though they moved to LA, then moved back, and seem to occasionally forget how to win, they are my team.

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Áth Cliath

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I grew up a New England fan.
I lived in NYC for five years and became a Giants fan.
Now I live in Philly (for more than 20 years) and am an Eagles fan.

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^^^Fickle man!

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I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. And for the first time in years, it looks like they will be good this season.

I also like the Eagles.

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^^^^ Love me some Hotel California too!

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Yeah, Don Henley was their best quarterback ever!

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Dolphins. I’m not sure what drew me to them initially, but they’ve been my favorite for the past 20 years (even though they have had some really horrible seasons these past 20 years).

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Steelers. I’m from Pittsburgh, my parents went to every home game for years and years and when I got old enough to enjoy them I also attended a good slew of them. They’re a fun team to root for, the entire city really gets into it, up until the past 5 years they’ve been a semi-troubleless bunch which I also liked. And they’re fuckin badasses, I do miss the Steeler games in western PA, but I now live in Colorado and luckily there are just as many fans here as there are Bronco fans it seems. It’s a cool feeling.

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But I have to add, I have always loved watching Peyton Manning, and I’m super excited he’s in Denver now…..their first game is Steelers at Denver and I am just dying to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll dream on.

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I asked my husband if he wanted to see the results of this question. He said “How many said KC?”
I said “None.”
I can’t repeat what he said then!

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None, they’re all pussies in helmets.

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I’m not American and I don’t have any ties to any US city. Years ago when American football was popular on British TV, I picked a team at random to follow and it happened to be the Washington Redskins, and I kind of stuck with them as my team. My partner is a Raiders fan.

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49ers, through thick and thin (especially the last few years!).

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