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What are good songs to play at our wedding ?

Asked by Staalesen (2722points) September 1st, 2012

I am so lucky that I am getting married to the best girl I have have ever met, and even if the wedding is not until next year, I feel that I needt to start planning some of the aspects already.

The point is that I am currently looking for some music to convey my feelings (for the reception). I really want it to be something from the music that we both like like Cohen, Cash, Sinatra, Suzanne Vega.

I am aware it a bit different artist, but for me atleast a lot of those hit a special nerve I cant identify, althou it just struck me that it might be a strong focus on the singer instead of the music.

I am open to other suggestions thou, but I would prefer something along the sound of the aforementioned.

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“I’m Your Man” Leonard Cohen

“We’ve Only Just Begun” – The Carpenters (not on your list but a good wedding song)

“I Walk the Line” Johnny Cash

“Lay Lady Lay – Bob Dylan

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Ooh – and “Tonight I’ll be Staying Here with You” Bob Dylan

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Congratulations on the engagement!

Dance Me to the End of Love – Leonard Cohen
Rose of My Heart – Johnny Cash
As Time Goes By – Frank Sinatra

If you are looking for additional songs that convey your feelings, it would be helpful to know more about you two. How did you meet? What are your ages? What are your interests? You could also peruse through this wedding site of Perfect Wedding Songs.

Three that might be worth listening to are:
At Last by Etta James. It’s exactly how I feel about meeting my fiancĂ©.
Sweet Lorraine – Nat King Cole. It’s jazzy and talks about marriage.
When I’m 64 – The Beatles. It’s not the best for dancing, but it is fun and entertaining.

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not along your taste line but how about “Annies Song” by John Denver?

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Wedding Song by Bob Dylan, maybe?

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Paul Stookey Wedding Song was very popular back in the day.

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Thanks for the suggestions people! Alot of good suggestions here, but I must say for me the winner was “Rose of my heart” I think that will fit perfectly :)

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Love is a beautiful

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