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How do I feed my snake correctly? Is this a good way..?

Asked by ashxmy_lovee (161points) September 2nd, 2012

My step-brother just recently took in a snake, but I highly doubt he will take care of it, so I’ve been taking it upon myself to feed it and everything. It is a green snake, I’m not sure whether rough or smooth, and it eats every 4–5 days. I read that you shouldn’t feed the snake in it’s cage because then every time you open the cage it will be expecting food. So I though I could get a separate smaller cage to put it in to eat. And then you also need to gut-load the crickets before feeding them to the snake to provide the necessary nutrients, so I thought I could put the crickets in the smaller cage a few days before feeding time so I could gut-load them and then put the snake in when it’s time to eat.
Does this sound like a good plan? Or what do you do with your snake?

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I’ve never had a snake before, so that explains why I have no idea what I’m doing, lol.

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I would suggest talking to your local pet storeā€¦ I would bring the snake in so that they can tell you what type of snake it is and you can feed it appropriately. Sounds like you did a lot of research on your own and you are probably doing the right things however different snakes eat differents diets so you want to just be you are doing the right things.

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If it is native to the area you live you should just let it go and just say it got out. If it is an exotic species from South America that has special needs it would be cruel to do that.
Of all the pet stores I have been in the workers may know alot, or not, about a python but nothing about something you found under your house.

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Green snakes are easy to feed. Drop 2 crickets in and watch him eat both, feed until he doesn’t eat anymore; tells you about how much food you should each a day. Don’t put too many at one time, crickets are vicious.

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