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How can I get clear skin?

Asked by charcoalwasp (101points) September 3rd, 2012

I have very oily, but also dry skin, I have outbreaks at random times, and my skin is not all one shade. I also have really big deep pores that stand out a lot, and these are all making me uncomfortable about my appearance..
How can I get clear skin? I would also like it to be a bit paler, so as well as staying out of the sun, is there anyway to make it lighten a few shades? Baring in mind I don’t have the money to buy a lot of things so I would be great-full for any homemade remedies. Thanks :)

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To get clear skin, I can suggest several things but you can’t stay out in the sun without staining your skin further. You can use a very strong sun block and wearing a hat. Make sure the sunblock isn’t greasy. Any product that can lighten your skin usually makes the skin more sensitive to sun, so I wouldn’t suggest trying to do both.
One thing about oily skin is that ph balance has a lot to do with it. I would suggest drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon in it. About a tablespoon per 12 oz water. (do not add sugar) Squeeze it into warm water first thing in the morning. A half an hour before breakfast. Be prepared to piss a lot, so try to keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water the rest of the day. Some can have lemon in them as well. Take vitamin C and E supplements. The lemon water will help rid your body of excessive acid which can lead to acne.
Wash your face 2 times a day. Morning and evening. The most important time is before bed time.
Exfoliate once a week at least. Don’t use really harsh scubbers.
Dove soap is great for your face.
Use sea breeze on your skin after washing.
Don’t take hot baths. They just leak all the natural protection your skin needs and can over dry your skin.
Find a light face cream and rub it on before bed and in the morning. If you are using sun block during the day than you can choose not to put face cream. Just use the sunblock.
Throw out any cosmetics that are too old and old brushes. Lots of these things start to carry germs in them and you just spread it back in your face.
For large pores, exfoliating your skin twice a week and massaging your face and always washing in ice cold water will help,
Here’s a suggest that I find really helps with skin and few people like to actually do.
Exercise and eat plenty fruits and vegetables. Good skin starts from inside your body. The healthier you make it the healthier your skin will be. One of the things that sweating does is that it clear out toxins out of your body. Just be sure to shower promptly but make sure you gave yourself to cool down first. Then take a cool shower.
Change your pillow case often. A clean face should lay on a clean pillow.
If you have long hair, try to keep it off of your face.

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Stop eating and drinking bad substances. Get rid of dairy, excessive amounts of fried foods, sodas. It’s all junk and not fit for human consumption. Don’t smoke, smoking will dry out your skin and prematurely wrinkle it.

Drink more water, keep your face clean with a good cleaner, follow with good quality ph balancing lotion. Eat plenty of chlorophyll-rich foods.

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In addition to proper diet and exercise and some stress-reduction, one trip to a good dermatologist would be in order.

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Something I SWEAR by is yogurt! Yogurt softens your skin, calms blemishes, evens out your skin tone, and so much more. I have oily and dry skin too. And breakout used to me a real problem for me. :/ But after I started using this mask, my skin felt imidiatly better. :)
I use a spoonful of plain yogurt, some oatmeal, which helps calm pimples. Lemon juice is great for oily skin and also brightens your skin tone over time. And the last thing is whipped egg whites. These tighten enlarged pores and also brighten skin tones. Plain egg whites could even be used on their own as a face mask. But usually I combine all of these ingridients and let them sit on my face for 15–25 minutes. If you don’t have all of these on hand, at least do a yogurt mask a couple times a week. This will work wonders! :) I hope I helped! If you want more info on these type on home remedies search “bubzbeauty” on youtube. She does a lot of these types of masks that should help. Good luck! (:

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I agree with all of the above but I didn’t ever see your age….that sometimes has a lot to do with it. Lots and lots of water is always helpful to me…sometimes birth control pills clear up a lot of acne in young ladies, too.

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My gran used to always say “the secret to clear skin is to eat lots of cabbage and drink plenty of water”

I don’t know if cabbage is the only option! However I would reccmend eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, and moisturising.

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My Vietnamese friend says use egg whites on your face, you can add some lemon juice to bleach the skin a bit naturally.

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tianalovesyou, many people are allergic to dairy products. Yogurt is made from soured cow’s milk. Milk is designed to fatten up a baby calf in a short period of time. So, to put it shortly. Milk can cause many zits and other problems because of that fats, puss and oil in it. Now if it’s applied externally, that’s a different thing altogether.

Another problem with yogurt is that most of it is loaded with sugars, or aspartame ( a known, potent excitotoxin)

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There is no pus in milk.

Most often, people have dairy intolerance rather than a full-blown alllergy. However I do agree that it’s a good thing to avoid. I eat no dairy other than an occasional ice cream or a little cheese on pizza as a rare treat (and my skin is radiant).

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There is puss in milk, if you are consuming milk that’s been treated with RBST, or the cow was sick.

I should invite you over to my neighborhood, which is home to a slew of factory dairy farms. When the cows take a shit, it smells like diarrhea. So people are perfectly content to eat dairy products from sick cows. It’s really sad what those animals have to go through in their depressing, forcefully, imprisoned lives.

I stopped drinking milk years ago and my health is much better because of it. I’m very angry at my parents for raising me on such horrible food and drink.

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It is “pus” and not “puss,” whether it is in milk or not. Please show me a link to verify your theory.

I don’t eat dairy products either but not because of pus.

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I’m not saying there are huge amounts of pus in milk, but there are traces of things that in milk that should never be in there, such as, pus, antibiotics, growth hormones, etc.. The cows should not be getting sick if they were cared for properly, but that is far from the sad lives they are forced to live.

I don’t know which medical journal I saw stating this fact in regards to pus, but I do remember seeing it when using RBST was popular

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You need to start with your diet. Research what you may be allergic to. Dairy can cause lots of skin problems because it’s loaded with pus and fat. Also, cheap skin care products contain harsh ingredients which act as hyper-allergens.

Make sure your skin gets plenty of moisture. This is easy to forget in cold, icy, or dry and hot climates. Give your face a steam bath every once in awhile. This opens pores, releases toxins.

Use a quality lotion that is not full of petro-chemicals. You wouldn’t’ slather motor oil on your skin either, right? Well, beware of many of the ingredients in cheap lotion. One of them, being mineral oil. The other is propylene- glycol. I used to work in the packaging industry. Propylene is a type of liquid plastic resin

Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins in your diet that help the skin. C, K, E, F, A. All of these vitaimins are beneficial, as well as juicing and eating a lot of green vegetables. Remember, we come from the earth, not a cow’s bones or flesh, so a diet rich in healthy vitamins, phtyonutrients, and minerals, only makes sense, instead of the sickening meat and potatoes diet that so many think is ok

I’m a guy and weekly I give myself veggie facials, face steam baths, etc.. Good night creams work wonders for guys too. I stopped using lotions with mineral oils in them long ago, simply because, they’re gross.

Do you have an aloe vera plant in your yard? Take advantage of it’s gel. It works wonders on skin healing and maintenance.

It amazes me that so many people spend all this time and effort growing plants in their garden that just look pretty, when we could be harvesting plants that actually help us.. We could be growing herbs, fruit trees, medicinal plants.

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