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Iphone update? New Iphone ?

Asked by Bigtechdude (56points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Ok its June.

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monday…just wait…patience is a virtue… etc. etc.

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You answered your own question.

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time to sell your old iPhones on ebay :)

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Just did (on craigslist).

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@ben, are you saying the old iPhones won’t work to get the June update?

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They will get the 2.0 firmware so they can use the enterprise stuff and the app store. But, 3G is a hardware thing and can’t be upgraded through software.

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The whatever apple meeting thing isn’t until Friday
so you just have to wait 3 more days :p

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Its Monday. Not Friday

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No, I just decided to get the new iPhone, and that I should sell mine before it loses value.

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your right, you beat me too it waterskier i read something saying June 6th, dunno what that was, i was just about to update that

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