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Canadians or shipping experts: How much should shipping a 7inch vinyl cost to San Diego, California?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) September 4th, 2012

The exact location of the 7inch is in Toronto, Canada.

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$20 to $170 (Canadian ) depends on how soon it needs to be in California. Used FedEx site to get estimate.

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What’s a 7 inch vinyl? Weight it, whatever it is, and call whatever the expediting carrier is in Toronto.

My daughter and I ship things back and forth from NYS to British Columbia all the time. Unless the package is specifically letters or several sheets of standard letter-sized stationery, everything goes through customs and could just as well have been sent by dog sled.

We now never pay the extra fees for overnight or Fed-Ex.

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@gailcalled Hey there gail, it’s pretty much a record that is 7” across in diameter. It weighs about 2oz.

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Why not simply put it into a padded mailing envelop and send it by ordinary mail? How could this possibly cost $170? Customs will most surely open it and slow things down.

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$170 is “next day”.

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Remember the bottlenecks at customs.

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