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In Canada, why are things more expensive than in the US?

Asked by Tink (8668points) July 10th, 2009 from iPhone

At least a dollar more

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Because Canadian money is usually worth less than American money, so you need more Canadian dollars to buy the same thing.

Currently, 1 Canadian dollar = 0.859771 U.S. dollars

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I’ve always been wondering that while i’ve been looking at books and stuff saying the prices in Canada and the US :P

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@laureth Ahhh I see
@irocktheworld Thats where I got this question from :)

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Also, Canada has more and larger entitlement programs including health care so the government takes more of every dollar.

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So do Canadians know they are being ripped off?

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@Tink1113 hmmm…maybe
I know!! The prices for the are like…everywhere!

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I don’t really feel that I’m being ripped off since health care is very important and is offered better here then in the States. Plus I am used to the prices being so high for everything. It is annoying that the prices are so different though. I always have to figure out the different amount of change for American tourists.

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I agree that there is no ripoff. it is a trade off.

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1. Higher taxes..we have the value added tax..GST. 2.Plus our population 1/10 of the US and thus our purchasing power not as robust. 3.With such a small population in such a spread out country (bigger than U.S) transportation costs are also prohibitive.

P.S. we run down to the States to shop if we are close to the border.

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just buy american every chance u’ve got. everyone wants savings. why spend 2–3x on the exact same item and pay ridiculously high tax on top of that. and what better health care are u talking about? it takes close to a year to get scheduled for elective surgery, 2 days for emergency surgeries. it sucks !

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