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Does the younger generation of movie fans have less sophisticated taste?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27832points) June 25th, 2014

Arguing about a film’s merits is almost impractical. It’s in the eye of the beholder some say and an opinion is an opinion.

Yet what is the sort of “general feeling” do you get when it seems superhero movies have dominated the US movie industry and dramatic stories seem to have retreated to the sphere of indie films-?

Already Quentin Tarantino has stated that “cinema is dead” now that films are being digitally projected in theaters and look more like glossy videos than grainy films.

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Maybe that’s not the taste of the younger generation, but how the movie industry is going.

It seems that they have run out of idea, and fear of trying something new, so they just stick to the old “theme”.

And many people of the “younger generation” don’t like that. My friends used to complain how shallow The Avengers was.

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”...the US movie industry”.

Bah. Most people I know of are sick of the US movie industry. I mean, sure the majority of the unwashed masses will continue to shell out big money for shiny pictures, but that’s the way everything has always been throughout history.

But seriously, apart from Peter Jackson’ Hobbit/LotR films, I can’t remember the last time I watched a “Hollywood” movie.

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The problem is that when a movie is created, it’s success is not based on it’s plot but on the special effects! What sells in most cases is what catches the person’s eye when whatching the movie trailer. I believe that because of the high cost of the special effects this will fade as an older trend and people will get bored of that. Most people are already bored and they are trying to watch movies with an interesting plot.

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Not less sophisticated, different.

This just another one of those “the older generation was better than our youth” questions that come up from time to time.

Art evolves.

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I think that out of about every 500 movies made, one is truly great and memorable, and that distinction only becomes notable with time. “The Wizard of OZ” was not a sensation when it was released. The cream rises to the top slowly and it’s only after we’ve forgotten the dregs and wannabes do the truly great films shine.

Such is the way of life. There are ‘overnight sensations’ that are not remembered a generation later and ‘never broke #1s’ that are never forgotten.

Cinema previously died with the advent of sound and color. It will survive digital, too, Tarentino notwithstanding.

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Interestingly, this didn’t become obvious until “The Winter Soldier” came out, and people realized how good it was, then began comparing it to the other recent entries to comic book cinema.
We may never have the consistent intensity of the 1970’s films again.

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I love the smell of misty-eyed nostalgia in the morning.

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There have always been shit films & people are going to watch them, no generation is any different.

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The taste of teenagers is always suspect. What was popular with teens in the 70s is now remembered with fondness, but really isn’t all that good.

The conundrum is that the movie business makes money by focusing on viewers roughly 13 to 19 years old. So they focus on pleasing kids who want special effects and no thinking.

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But shouldn’t they make a movie for older people too @zenvelo? I don’t think that a more sofisticated movie or a movie with an interesting plot could decrease their income. And if younger people were well educated they would enjoy a movie that will make them use their minds instead of just watching something meaningless.

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@dina_didi Oh I like movies designed for a more sophisticated audience too, although I am not the target demographic. But movies for older people don;t make the money and don’t get the money. And that’s not the question.

But if you’re going to spend $200 million on a movie with the expectation of grossing that in US viewing, you have to shoot for the special effects and the kids.

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Why should they? How would that work? Something in the water turning an entire demographic into idiots?

It’s easy to make money if you make movies appeal to a large group. The large group being those who laugh at “Hangover”.

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O yes they do.

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Every generation always thinks that the current generation is bullshit. It’s getting really old. Cartoons were better in my day, video games were better in my day, movies were better in my day, Halloween was better in my day, wars were better in my day. Wtf.

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^ Word. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

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The TV series is all the rage nowadays. These guys get to grow up with Thrones, Breaking Bad and others.

I had to go back and see Sopranos and The Wire for the first time though so I see what you mean lol.

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The feeling I get is that most Hollywood films are based on the same simple formulae repeated endlessly with ever improving special effects which don’t really add anything to the movie itself. Foreign films are often much better and have something to say.

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If the new movies that are raking in the do ray me at the box office are any indication, I would say that the younger generation of movie watchers has absolutely no taste at all, sophisticated or otherwise.

And the fact that people actually pay money to see zombie movies….hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

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@Dan_Lyons Don’t forget Warm Bodies ~

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Thanks @Mimishu1995 (Is the movie about zombie love you guys were discussing yesterday?

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What’s wrong with zombies?

(The Walking Dead is, in my never to be humble opinion, one of the finest TV shows currently running.)

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It’s not our fault. The US movie industry has spent a couple decades refining and perfecting its practices for more and more profits, and the result is what we have today- endless franchises, remakes, and sequels, because it’s more of a sure bet than telling a new story.

If anything, I’d say parents and families are the ones who spend the most time at the movies, and are driving this pattern. People in my generation (roughly mid teens through late 20s) seem to just watch stuff on Netflix.

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The Walking Dead sucks like all zombie movies suck.

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Great argument there @Dan_Lyons.

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Sharknado is a classic. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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Personal likes and dislikes require no argument @Darth_Algar

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The Walking Dead sucks. Most zombie movies suck. George Romero zombie movies are classic cinematic history and deserve to be respected.

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I didn’t ask if you liked or disliked. I asked what was wrong with them.

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If you don’t see what is wrong with them (besides incredibly inept acting, stupid plotlines and moronic actors) then I can’t really explain it to you @Darth_Algar

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. You got nothing.

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Oh hi @Darth_Algar How are you? Another bad day for you? Too bad. Hope the rest of it is better for you.

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I can tell you guys so much that is wrong with zombie movies; but seeing as they’re probably my favorite movies ever, good and bad, I’m not gonna. And I hate to be an ass, but for some reason I just can’t get into The Walking Dead. I tried, I really wanted to love it, but for some reason, it just isn’t happening. :(

@Seek If you like Romero zombies, I highly suggest watching The Dead. It’s right up there with Romero’s stuff, sans any hidden metaphorical business, but it’s a great shambling zombie movie. Also, The Horde.

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I’m generally not a fan of zombie fare, but The Walking Dead does it for me for some reason (though I’ll admit that the episodic game series by Telltale Games is, often times, better and more of an emotional gut-punch. I’ve had a few quiet “holy shit…” moments playing that series).

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I don’t think the Walking Dead sucks. Can millions of Americans be wrong-? LOL

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I’m not saying it sucks, personally. I mean, I still watch it. Lol. But for someone that loves zombies, I thought I would have become an ultimate fan, and I didn’t.

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I’ll tell you what is wrong with The Walking Dead:

Episode one, the humans had already lost. Every character is simply waiting for their chance to die. That’s it.

There’s no reason to get attached to anyone, because eventually, they’re going to get killed off.

It’s the same reason Game of Thrones sucks. Everyone dies, the end.

The first season of The Walking Dead was fun, only because I liked pointing out which movies they had stolen each scene from. “Oh, waking up in the hospital, 28 Days Later.”

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I was referring to @Seek‘s post. Must admit at this point I feel sometimes Rick’s acting a bit exaggerated. LOL The show as a whole delivers the cheap thrills for me and sometimes that’s all that matters.

Does a zombie show needs to be a bit philosophical and brilliantly timed as when Romero seemed to have done when his opus came at that time when, what, racism in America was more intense-? Maybe. The scares are more important for me though.

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Does a zombie show needs to be a bit philosophical and brilliantly timed as when Romero seem to have done when his opus came at that time when, what, racism in America was more intense-? Maybe. The scares are more important for me though.

Same here. I don’t need life lessons in my zombie flicks. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy them, but they’re not needed.

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Following a zombie series requires so much suspension of disbelief…more than the usual. You drink the Kool-aid with nary a question. It’s a game between the filmmakers and the audience or a junkie and a drug dealer. Heh heh : )

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I only ask for two things from a zombie film, make me laugh & make me squirm, that’s all.

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@mazingerz88 Heh, well I guess I’ll be frank here; why I don’t enjoy The Walking Dead.

Too much talking, not enough zombies. There, I said it. It bores me. I’m a simple, not very smart person, I just want to see people get eaten, is that too much to ask? Haha.

@ucme Yeah.

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“it’s Burt fuckin Reynolds…fore!!

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@Symbeline WD zombie series wont do it for you. In order to stay true to their dramatic narrative which focuses on fleshing out characters, lots of talking is unavoidable. Also logical thing to do to stretch the thin material. Any slower, and it should be called My Zombie Diary. heh heh

What I do when talking bores me-? Fast-froward button time. I also have my stand-by zombie comedy Zombieland in blu-ray for zombie withdrawal emergencies. LOL

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Yeah I quickly picked up what WD was about. It’s about the survivors, not the zombies. But as Seek says, they all die and get replaced so it starts getting tough wanting to follow everything.

Most zombie movies are never about the zombies more than they are about the characters, but since it’s movies, you only get the one set of people to deal with, easier for me to get into.

It has to be said, I am so not a fan of television series. There are SO many out and they all bore me. I’m still watching Xena. It’s the only I like. I mean seriously.

I think my problem is not enjoying television series ideas and executions, rather than what the content is.

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Btw, @Symbeline, I think I’ve told you, the writer of Conan, Howard, wrote a zombie short story. It was good. : )

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You did. Never read it…but I,m wanting to.

Damn. speaking of TV series…anyone remember that live action Conan the Barbarian series they had? I appreciated it for using actual stuff from the comics and novels, but my god it was fucking terrible, otherwise.

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@Seek *“I’ll tell you what is wrong with The Walking Dead:
Episode one, the humans had already lost. Every character is simply waiting for their chance to die. That’s it.”*

I think that’s one of the things I like about it actually.

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