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How to lose weight.

Asked by sydneymatilda (81points) September 8th, 2012

I’m only 13 yeah. I wanna do it without starving myself or using and pills. I weigh 93 pounds and I’m 5’1. I am a dancer so I want to be 85 pounds. Thanks.

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You are still growing, a LOT, at this time so you should NOT put yourself on an extremely hardcore diet. I would suggest just eating healthy, getting plenty of protein in your diet and dancing! Simple little tweaks in your diet, cutting out too much junk food, sugars, sodas, etc. and moving more will get you into better condition quickly.
Walk, dance, swim, ride your bike, walk your dog, go hiking, mix up your exercise routine.

You could be on the cusp of a growth curve and this extra 8 lbs. you are concerned about most likely will take care of itself if you shoot up another inch or two in height.
You need lots of calcium too for your growing bones. I would talk with your doctor for a better idea of whether you even need to worry about reducing. I think just paying attention to your diet and ramping up your exercise is all you really need to do

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So I am over weight? @Coloma

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@sydneymatilda NO! Not at all. 93 lbs. at 5’ 1 is just about right for your age. How tall are your parents? Do you think you will grow quite a bit more compared to their height?

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According to this weight chart, you are not even close to being overweight! Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins.

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You are being silly. The information below is for a mature female. You are still in the early stages of puberty.

“For females, ideal body weight is calculated as 100 lbs. plus 5 lbs. for every 1 inch over 5 feet tall. A female who is 5 feet, 1 inch tall would have an ideal body weight of 105 lbs. To meet the criteria for anorexia, she would need to be less than 89 lbs., which is less than 85 percent of her ideal body weight.”

Read more:

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My parents are short. I am taller than my 20 year old sister and I am almost as tall as my dad @Coloma

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WOAH! I’m almost as tall as my mom not dad!

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@sydneymatilda rest assured, you are at a healthy weight for your size. There is no need for you to consider dieting. Just take good care of yourself by eating right, staying hydrated, being active, and getting plenty of sleep.

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Weight is also calculated by small, medium and large frame. I am 5’3.5 and am medium build, and the lowest weight I have ever attained was 117 and I looked anorexic! For my build I look and feel best around 124–130 and trying to keep my weight below that meaqns near starvation and compulsive exercise. Do not believe the charts, everyone is unique in how they carry their weight. “Normal” range for me, based on build is between 115 and 140.

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I agree with above posters: your weight is fine.

Broadly (very broadly) speaking, your body is a bag with an ‘In’ and an ‘out’ hole. ‘In’ is variable, ‘out’ is (sorta) fixed. So long as ‘in’ is less than or equal to ‘out,’ you lose weight.

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Talk to your doctor and your dance instructor. Both are experts on how to meet your goals in a healthy way.

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Your weight is fine; and it is important to know that muscle is more dense, and therefore heavier, than fat – so weight isn’t really the best method for measuring your fitness. I danced all through my childhood, and at 13, I was 5’2” and weighed 110 pounds. I never had good muscle tone, and I had other issues with self-esteem, so I never worked on my fitness and did gain too much fat, and ultimately regretted it.

Dancing is very demanding, so you need to eat to give yourself energy. It is recommended for most active people, as well as for weight maintenance, to eat smaller portions more frequently through the day. You may also want to pay closer attention to the quality of the foods you are eating, and reduce processed foods and sugars in your daily intake.

To help maintain long, lean, toned muscles, try adding yoga and Pilates exercises to your fitness routine. And as YarnLady suggests, talk with your Doctor and dance instructors, and even your PhysEd and Health teachers about ways to stay healthy, strong and fit for dancing. Enjoy!

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Losing weight needs a lot of theories. First, a good balanced diet should be maintained and a lot of workouts which includes yoga, cardio and aerobics must be done on a regular basis.

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Losing weight isn’t what you should do. Transferring bad weight to good weight should be your focus through out your teenage years. Be active participate in sports an stay away from Soda or Coca-cola. Eat healthy foods like greens an foods with healthy amounts of proteins. Don’t be afraid of Sea-Food. Drinking healthy amounts of water is also a good way to keep weight at a healthy limit an in good proportion. Not that you need to worry about any of this at the moment cause of your age. Just keep it in mind :)

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