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Does brushing your teeth with baking soda really work?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) September 8th, 2012

Is it because it is somewhat abrasive and it cleans your teeth? Is that the only way that it cleans your teeth?

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Baking soda will work in a pinch, however it is very abrasive and regular use can wear tooth enamel away.

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It also has whitening effects. It tastes terrible though.

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My partner stole my tube of toothpaste, last night (has it in her bag), and before heading out this morning, I needed a good brush. The taste was awful and I had to rinse 3 times to get rid of it!

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I think that’s what they used in the olden days. My dad always talked about it.

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It works but is very destructive of tooth enamel. I wouldn’t use it myself.

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It will work in a pinch. It also makes a reasonable sustitute for rolaids or tums in a pinch. But I’m with you, it tastes like crap.

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Finally picked up a tube of toothpaste and couldn’t wait to brush my teeth!!!! They felt funky after having brushed them with the baking soda.

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It’s not the dentifrice but the way you brush. 45% angle, for two minutes. Of course pastes feel good and baking soda is kinda gross but it has an oxygenating action which is good.

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