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Have you ever had a memorable massage?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) September 11th, 2012

I used to get a lot of massages, and one particular “girl” or massage stands out in my mind. She was so good, her hands were like magic. I am currently studying (informally) LomiLomi massage. It is so beautiful, sensual and caring. I just feel too that these days we lack touch particularly if we are single. Do you go for massages regularly? Or does one particular massage stand out in your mind? What made it so special that you remembered it?

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I absolutely love going up to Calistoga and getting a mud bath, towel wrap, and deep tissue massage. You feel like you are floating when you are done!
Unfortunately, I don’t do this often enough. The full experience runs about $500 with the room, and you need to get a room after, since you are in no condition to drive home.

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The fact that I can’t remember one should probably means no. Sounds nice though.

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This massage and acupuncture studio opened up near me a few years ago. They needed a website, but had no money. I had a bad back – so we bartered.

For about a year, I went for 90-minute treatments every two weeks. Half acupuncture, half deep tissue massage.

Whoa mama.

Best website I ever designed.

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Am I the only one on the planet who’s never had a professional massage? It seems a bit creepy to me to have a stranger touch me and expect me to fully relax. I would much rather the massage was performed by a person with whom I am close mentally and physically.

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@LuckyGuy, my husband and I had a couple’s massage on a cruise. He bought it as a surprise gift for me. I was excited and looking forward to my first (and ultimately my last) professional massage. I couldn’t put my face in the little hole in the massage table. It made me feel claustrophobic. I turned my head and it was better.

I didn’t like the woman touching me on my inner thighs or around my pubic area or breasts and I wouldn’t take my panties off. They said that was fine. The whole experience was strange and a little surreal to me. I was talking to the women who were doing the massages and they spoke very little English. One of them sssuuusshhhhed me and made the “go to sleep” gesture with her hands.

I thought, no way. It is a good memory and we’ve had a lot of laughs about this hillbilly’s first massage, but I’m with you on this one. I love to be touched and massaged, but I’d rather it was someone I know personally.

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@bkcunningham I find the touching you around your pubic area and breasts shocking. I have never experienced that while having a massage. I also leave my panties firmly on. In fact etiquette toward the masseur to keep them on.

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I had a great brief massage from someone using thai massage techniques. Right after that I moved. I still think about how good it was and think about finding someone here who does thai massage.

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I’ve had several massages by different people in different institutions over the years. Usually they are people my wife recommends. None of them have been particularly memorable. They are nice. Pleasant. Relaxing, but not earth shaking.

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I have used two young women for regular massages; each for several years.

For a while of the massage therapist came here with her table and stuff and set up shop. Two of my friends had appointments after me. She got three fees and therefore did not charge us for time and travel. Then she had a baby and gave it up.

They were equally wonderful and never, NEVER did anything remotely sexual. I stripped down to panties.

I particularly loved lying on my back, and first having my hair pulled and then, while hanging on to the sides of the table, having my legs pulled from the ankles. I was an inch taller afterwards.

I am considering trying again. @cprevite‘s comments are encouraging.

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@gailcalled: The back problem I had was addressed and never returned. If we weren’t bartering however, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it as he was $100/visit.

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@cprevite: I had some acupuncture done by a Chinese Doctor; she told me ahead of time to try eight sessions but not to expect much improvement in my lower back. So I would omit that; and 90 minutes seems like too long.

I can see an hour maybe twice a month…if I skip a few other little treats in favor of this.

Maybe I can teach Milo how to pull my hair (in a controlled fashion rather than the “slash and burn” technique he uses now) and then my ankles. Given his two thumbs and 16 fingers, you’d think he could manage that, wouldn’t you?

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The first massage therapist I ever went to was gifted and intuitive. She knew exactly what I needed. She kept getting sick though and had to quit. I think she somehow took all the tension on herself.
The next best was when we were on vacation in Munich. I can’t remember the name of the hotel spa, but the girl decided she would work on stretching. She pushed and pulled, climbed up on th table and used her feet. It was great.
The most memorable was not the best though. It was at the Hotel de Praire in Monaco. I used to like a male massage therapist because they are stronger and I like a firm massage.
This guy developed a fascination with my breasts. It was really awkward. No more male therapists for me!

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Yes, several. My daughters old room mate has her own massage biz. and she is great! She will come to my home and give me an hour massage for a mere $60. That girl can work the old bod into the consistency of melted wax. Oh to be 24 again!

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My current massage therapist can put me to sleep she’s that good. I got about every other month, or as needed for the tension that builds up in my back. She is tough where my tight muscles are, and soothing everywhere else.

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Some of my friends have had ‘erotic massages’ and describe them as “very memorable”.
I’m yet to venture down that road.

As for standard massages, I’ve had one once, and I didn’t really enjoy it.
I found it more painful than anything.

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A former coworker was studying massage. She stopped by for a chat on a day my hands were sore from a lot of data entry, and gave me a hand massage. It felt wonderful.

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Oh man, you guys have to go for the arm massage. I give a mean arm massage myself.
Get someone near you now to give you an arm massage! lol
Oh, and there is this brass pronged head massager called ” The head trip”.
It is an amazing do it yourself headgasm. haha

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I am currently massaging. I admit it is informal. However, I am doing a lot of research I am aware of deep tissue massage being dangerous if not done in the hands of a professional. That said I am now offering LomiLomi Massage. I had my first client yesterday, he said it was very different and very comforting and he enjoyed it. I think he really did as he did not get up for a while off the massage bed.

The movements are like the waves of the sea, the giver would “feel” where there is pain in the body and also decide on which strokes to give. He said he could feel that at certain points. I am quite thrilled with it, I feel as though finally I am doing something I love. I just need more clients!! I am feeling so positive about it, it is healing to me when I give it. Thought I would just share a bit more information on what I am doing and why I asked. Thanks for your feedback, and if anyone has any other “things” they can recall as being good in their experience, I would still love to hear.

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Two couples massages come to mind only issue there is you wonder who got the better masseuse. But there is one that clearly stands out and that is a Thai Massage my wife got me for my birthday! Oh MY! No other massage comes close. It is head to toe front to back release of all muscle control. A true Thai massage takes a least an hour and a half and though a bit on the aggressive side at times, there are techniques no other massage I know of employs that really squeeze out every last smidgeon of muscle tightness and stress.

I liked it so much I signed up for a Thai Massage workshop!

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