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What were you like as a kid?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) September 14th, 2012

Me? Climbing trees; hair, long and wild; playing house (I was the Daddy :)); I used to dress up my cat in doll dresses and a bonnet and push her around in a baby carriage (haha); my nickname was “Chatty Cathy” (I liked to talk); no fear.

And, I always got to be Princess Leia. :)

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I’ll assume you are asking about elementary age. I was almost always smiling. I climbed the monkey bars, and climbed trees, and played with make-up. My girlfriends and I at school would play Charlie’s Angels and I was Kelly. My brown hair would get streaked from the sun in the summer time to a golden color. I usually wore shorts or pants, not dresses or skirts much. I loved to swim and played tennis and took ballet and liked to ice skate (later, in jr high, I took ice skating lessons and was more serious about it for a while). I loved music and to dance and to watch TV. I liked hanging out and talking with the adults too. Never felt intimidated by them.

I think I was an average girl. Not a tomboy and not girly girly. Somewhere in the middle. Still am.

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When I was a kid, I could pick up a cow in one hand, a bull in the other, and juggle pennies with my toes at the same time.

When I was a kid, I could fly like superman, drink a gallon of milk at one sitting, and fart for ten minutes at one go.

When I was a kid, I used to play ten chess matches at once, while reading “War and Peace” and composing sonatinas for obscure Middle Eastern instruments.

Alas, I grew up. Hormones, you know!

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@wundayatta Were you a quiet, shy kid?

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I was tomboy, climbed trees, rode my bike recklessly but with great skill, was a nature/animal nut, horse crazy, bold, outspoken and always the leader of my group. I had a black eye or fat lip in every school picture from 2nd through 7th grade. lol
I tormented my poor mother by bringing home all sorts of animals, including the giant garter snake that threw up a half digested toad on her foot, which pretty much nixed any hope of “keeping it.” lol
I was forever being told to settle down, be still, and mind my manners, but I think my parents just gave up trying to tame me by the time I was about 8 years old. haha

As a teen I was always the ring leader and called upon to do the things my more timid friends would not, like soliciting adults to buy us alcohol. I boldly went where no one else would.:-P
I graduated early and moved to a secluded 200 acre property and lived alone for months with only my horse, dogs, cats and a wild pony named Pippin.
THIS blew my parents mind, their wild daughter going off to homestead in the hills at 17.5 years old. lol

Aaaah the 60’s & 70’s, good times and, I still live on property with animals, although these days I have settled down and mellowed a lot, still, it’s a rare person that can intimidate me and I am still fiercely independent and follow my own rules.

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I think what @wundayatta meant was that he could cut off the farting after only ten minutes.

I was just like I am now, only smaller and without the great vocabulary of swear words.

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@wundayatta You could fart for ten minutes??!!! OMG!!!

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Just thin, active, happy, smiling , spoiled and very silly. Activities: roller skating, board games, bike riding all day, playing on the railroad tracks, splashing in puddles , buying lots of candy. Church and Sunday school once a week . Average kid.

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Sneaky, didn’t like adults.

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I was a goody-two-shoes; a boy scout. I was terribly gullible, and horribly trusting.
I was very much like my avatar.

I was also very protective of my childhood. When other kids my age (let’s say 10) wanted to try smoking, kissing, or things like that, I would insist that we were kids, and shouldn’t do that yet.

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I was very quiet with big dark eyes always observing but standing back from things, cautious. I was a happy kid who liked to run and play and always had friends but was more fearful of new situations than the average kid and shy. If someone would coax me and encourage me and make me feel safe, I would be at ease and join in. It didn’t take a lot, just a little encouragement. I wanted to please people and be helpful. I wasn’t aggressive and I didn’t like to fight about things or compete. I wanted to do the best and be the best that I could be and tried to improve myself by working hard at it. I loved music and dance and drawing things and making things and eating soup! I was a girly girl who liked pretty clothes and dolls and playing house and having tea parties (the non-political kind). I liked to swim, jump rope, roller skate, ice skate and play in the snow. I was curious about different cultures around the world and wanted to see everything and experience everything that I possibly could (as long as it wasn’t too dangerous, of course,lol). I haven’t changed much at all.

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Imaginative, curious, bashful, and nervous. I also became a caregiver at a very young age, so I developed a tendency to be very protective.
I spent a lot of time creating, drawing, reading, painting, playing make believe.
I was terrified of windows at night. I always feared that someone was watching me. Still do.
I wanted to be an astronaut, and I was obsessed with the sky. Still am.
I was really good at baseball, but too shy to play for a team.
Curious, curious, curious. I used to drive my father crazy asking question after question. I wanted to know everything, and he seemed to have most of the answers. I still do that, too.
I guess I haven’t changed, much.

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Smart, fast, skinny, handy, very quiet.
Now I am noticeably slower, bigger, and a little louder.

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Shy, quiet, sensitive.

Always watching others, observing, thinking.

Spent vast majority of childhood alone.

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