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Why does the NHL hate their fans?

Asked by Sad_NHL_Fan (4points) September 17th, 2012

Question says it all. I mean why would the players hate the people who give money to see them play and the owners hate who give them money to pay players from merchandise and tickets?

Lockouts hurt the fans as much as the players…

The sport is not exactly famous everywhere, and this lockout won’t help me explain to those (my co-workers) why I like the sport.

For that matter how did the yotes make it to semi-finals?

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I can tell you that it is very easy to hate people who have unreasonable expectations of you. That said, I don’t think you’re asking the right question.

Sports are crazy big money, and money is one of those things that people can be very particular about, especially if they don’t think that they’re getting enough. I don’t know who is locking out whom, but I am certain that somebody feels under-compensated.

If you’re worried about the NHL’s reputation, you might try bringing up all of the crap that goes on with baseball.

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It is a business, and like any business, the bigger the more obvious, customers exist solely to give them money. That is all you are good for, and their interest in you ends with your portemonnaie.

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I think that the owners hate the players, and don’t care too much about the fans. I don’t believe the players hate the fans.

The owners need to save themselves from themselves. They cry poverty, but offer long term deals at insane prices to the superstars.

They locked the players out in 04–05 and got a more favorable CBA. But that wasn’t good enough.

They signed a TV contract with what is now NBC sports, but that isn’t good enough. Why they left ESPN I will never understand.

The Coyotes made it to the semis with ridiculous goaltending from Mike Smith.

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Because they can. Fans will continue to throw money at them no matter what they do. And like a bottomless pit there is never enough money for the players and the owners. Players get paid millions to “play” and owners are always trying to get the most bang for their buck.
The numbers will keep increasing until “fans” feel they are being fleeced.
Apparently that has not happened – yet.

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I found this article and think it really helps to show what is going on with the lockout.

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I agree with @LuckyGuy. They know that once they settle this dispute, you and your fellow fans will still be waiting outside the door waving money at them.

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