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Tomorrow is International Peace Day, is anyone planning on showing signs of peace? And if so, what are you going to do?

Asked by Dsg (1406points) September 20th, 2012

I was thinking about doing some kind gestures for people…Thoughtful, simple gestures. (like wave when someone lets you out in the traffic lane you need to be in, smiling at someone walking down the street, sending a quick email to friends to say “Hi and I was thinking of you.”) I generally am thoughtful and try to show people kindness all the time, but I will make an extra effort tomorrow.

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I try to be kind every day. Singling out today as special…probably not.

(However, I will empty and clean MIlo’s litter box, which I was going to tomorrow.)

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I promise I will not invade a foreign country tomorrow.

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I promise I will not provoke any foreigner to invade me~!

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I will spend the day around my little micro-farm in my peaceable kingdom where the goose lies down with the lamb, yes, I have a goose that is in love with a sheep. lol Getting the cats to take a kill break from their incessant lizard hunting may be a challenge and working on getting 3 donkeys, 2 mules and a horse to stand quietly without biting each other when it is carrot time. haha
Don’t forget the beasts, they need peace too, give geese a chance! lol

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Milo here; Speaking of the beasts, I will try (I really will try) to be kinder to Gail. If that means not biting or scratching for just today, then so be it.

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@Yetanotheruser I might. * wink *

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I will go out and hunt doves for dinner.

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I know that International Peace day really applies to war, but I think we should also include being peaceful to everyone….in war or not! Mother Theresa said…Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. This is so true, if we only treated each other as equals maybe there wouldn’t be any war.

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Ok, well… I shall refrain from beating myself over the head for anything that I ‘should’ have done that I haven’t or didn’t, or haven’t done yet, but will get round to it, when I have time…when I am a better person that is… yes, I shall start with myself and be…at peace for just. one. day…who knows, it might catch on and stick….

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Oh, I know, Boom Shanka… means, may the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman.
Peace man.

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Great, I thought it was Piece Day! I was going to get one tonight to celebrate.

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Yep. Typically on Monday’s and Friday’s (cuz Monday’s suck dino eggs & Friday’s are TGIFF), I go through the Drive-thru for coffee in the morning and pay the bill for the car behind me too.

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Give geese a chance. LOL @Coloma, you crack me up. Give geese a chance.

Peace ya’ll.

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I’m meeting with the Boston Atheists and we are panning a event for September 30th with several speakers who can help defuse the religious tensions now growing between the Muslim faith and the other great religions.

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