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Will this feminine manipulation work on this pill?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11656points) September 20th, 2012

Hi, I’m on a generic version of the birth control pill Yasmin. I’ve been on it for more than four years, and we get along well. I’ve never tried skipping or changing a period, but now I’m considering it. I’m supposed to have my period the week of October 8th, but for reasons I won’t go into I’d rather not. I’d be fine with either skipping it or trying to have it next week instead.

Because this is a low-dose pill, I’m worried that it’ll backfire and I’ll end up bleeding for a few weeks. I sort of feel like I still have remnants of a cycle even though I’m on the pill, and my general feeling is that I don’t want to mess with it. However, if it’s going to work perfectly it would be worth it.

Therefore, is anyone on this pill and have you manipulated the timing of your period? I know no one can tell me exactly how it will be, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I can’t say for certain with Yasmin, but when I tried with LoEstrin 24 Fe, I bled all through my honeymoon. It rather sucked.

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@gailcalled That seems like your answer to every question. Obviously I’m aware that this isn’t a group of experts. Is it really helpful to remind the OP of that every time? Maybe if their question was about whether or not they should ask a doctor….

@Seek_Kolinahr Sorry to hear that! That’s exactly what I’m expecting…eek! Thanks.

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I was taking the generic version of Yaz and tried to skip my periods by taking the active pills back to back. I did indeed bleed for weeks straight. My doctor told me this is common with the low dose pills when you try to skip periods. She had taken them and tried to do so with the same results. I switched to a new kind (for insurance reasons) and decided to just take them as prescribed. Everyone’s body is different, but it might be best not to risk it so close to the date.

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Thank you, @jsc3791!! That is a helpful answer from someone with personal experience; exactly what I was looking for.

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I am on the generic version of Yaz and have been taking it for 5 years now. I have successfully “delayed” a period by skipping the placebos and taking the active ones back to back. However, it’s delayed, not skipped. So my period didn’t come for a while but eventually, yes, I did bleed afterward. I have not been able to completely skip a period with my BC.

Everyone is different though.

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