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Could I get some advice regarding mailing a check to my bank?

Asked by Mariah (24429points) September 20th, 2012

This is so stupid, haha, but I’m having trouble figuring out what to do.

I have a check that needs deposited into my checking account. The ATM on campus doesn’t do deposits, and physically bringing myself to the bank or another ATM would be a major hassle.

I want to mail the check to my bank, but I don’t have any deposit slips. Do you think that’s a major issue? I could order some online, but I’d have to buy a pack of 100 and it’d be $9, and I just really don’t want to pay money to deposit money.

My dad said I could probably just write my name and account number on a piece of paper and stick it in the envelope with the check, but I’m nervous to do something like that. Do you think it’d be okay?

I’m so bad at real life.

Thanks jellies!

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In the past I’ve written my own “deposit slip” when I didn’t have one. (In fact, it’s the old-fashioned way to do it. Banks at one time did not provide pre-printed deposit slips. You’d go to the bank, use their ‘form’ and fill in your own account number.)

Just be very sure to double-check that the account numbers are 1) correct and 2) perfectly plain (so your 1s don’t look like 7s and 7s don’t look like 2s, etc.).

Your dad was correct. We have a pretty good track record, we dads.

EDIT / Addendum: The other thing that I always do when I’m mailing a check is endorse it “For Deposit Only” (so that no one can intercept it and cash it), and sometimes for a belt-and-suspenders thing, I’ll repeat the account number under that endorsement, before I counter-sign the check.

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What bank are you using and how big is it? Smaller the bank the more accomodating usually. Do it just like @CWOTUS said.

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Yeah, you can include your own form and maybe a note, CWOTUS is correct on that method and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Just be sure you know that the place you send the check will be able to handle it properly and in a timely manner.

If you have a smart phone, I know Chase bank lets you take a pic of the check and deposit it from your phone. Might consider that.

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Call the bank and get the OK from a real person whose name you write down. Then as advised above.

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I would go with the major hassle. (Physically getting there) Here is my logic.

1. It will take more time to get to the funds.
2. Although unlikely, it’s possible that your letter can be opened and your account # stolen which would equal more hassle.
3. You don’t have deposit slips anyways.

For me those 3 points alone top the physical hassle. Plus getting it to a teller at the bank means it’s instantly cashed into your account while depositing into the machine allows a certain limit until a real life human being can verify it.

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Thanks all. @_Whitetigress I would have to take a cab there and back which would eat up ¼ the amount of the check, plus I don’t care how long it takes for funds to be available, so I don’t think it’s worth it.

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It’s easy. I used to mail checks all the time to my bank when I was in college because I would get checks while at home, but the bank didn’t exist in my home state.

Call the bank branch that you intend to mail the check to and get an OK from a person there first, just to make sure. But it should be okay.

I didn’t use deposit slips either; didn’t have any. You don’t need them, to be honest. Just use the check. Endorse it on the back and then write “For deposit only into account #”. And that’s it. You don’t really need anything else.

Send the check in a spare card, so it looks like a card in the mail, and not a check.

That’s all you need to do. Avoid the hassle of going, for sure. A cab would be way too expensive. I really do think it’s okay to send it, as long as you do what I wrote above. I did it for years in college.

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I do think that you can make your own deposit slip.

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I don’t think not having a deposit slip is a major deal, because it does not have to be signed to deposit money. One idea might be to ask them to fax you one? Do you have access to a fax?

Probably best not to guess and just call the branch and ask what you should do. They will help you. That way you can send the check to specifically the attention of whomever you speak to, and they will be expecting it.

No matter what be sure to write for deposit only on the back of the check along with your account number and signature. Everything you write on the back of the check should be on the side directly behind the left front side of the check. I hope that makes sense. Some checks actually tell you where to write on the back.

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