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Do you watch Sunday morning's newsy talk shows?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30370points) September 23rd, 2012

NBC’s Meet the Press

CBS’s Face the Nation

ABC’s This Week

Fox News Sunday

and others

Do you watch them? Why? What do you gain?

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I don’t watch any of those things. I watch our ABCs Weekend Breakfast show and things like the Insiders. I also like to watch Meet the Press but our version not yours. All very political and newsy. I really don’t like fluffy, pretend news shows that are really nothing but commercial garbage.

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Never ever. It is political masturbation.

The guests are all there to spin or persuade. They are not there to inform or teach. They have an agenda and are not seriouosly answering the questions.

IN fact most of the ‘reporters’ are enablers, asking softball questions that permit the guests to deliver their spin.

All of these shows: total waste of time.

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No, all they do is make me want to throw things at my TV.

I might be persuaded to if it wasn’t so “one-sided” or if the guests didn’t avoid every uncomfortable question, or spin it till their answering a completely different question.

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No, I like the Sunday morning quietness. For some reason, it seems more relaxing than any other day of the week.

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Yes, I am a news junkie, so I watch This Week and Meet the Press and Face The Nation.
FTN is replayed on the radio at night, and I listen to it then as well.
I often have to switch back and forth to catch the news items that interest me.

What do I gain from it? A better understanding of the positions of the people involved. You can usually spot someone who doesn’t want to answer a specific question, or is trying to shift the focus onto something else.
I can’t stand watching Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. His smirkiness annoys the hell out of me. The only reason he got that job was his dad was Mike Wallace. He is flat out pro-republican, and doesn’t even try to be even handed.
I miss Keith Olbermann, who hosted Countdown. I hope he finds a new outlet for his show.

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@elbanditoroso It’s not only political masturbation, it’s mutual. The politicians never answer the questions, and the pundits think they are so clever.

And most of it is prepped. The only time they make news is when someone screws up by talking off the cuff about what they really feel. That’s why they like John McCain – he goes in unprepared and says something off the wall.

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Yes. Meet The Press and This Week. I get a synopsis of what is going on in politics that week. Interviews are usually 10 minutes +, not just a couple minutes to talk about one issue that happened in the news. Most news has become how bad can you make someone look, which gets tiresome. The “round tables” on these shows let Republicans and Democrats give opinions, backed by their experience, and on these shows the regulars usually are willing to say when their side is wrong. I like that part the best.

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