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Which quick easy recipe made you famous?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) September 26th, 2012

Mine was my Salmon Pasta.

Fling garlic into olive oil; lightly glaze, add whole carton of cream and a tin of salmon and stir well. Cook for five minutes then serve with your favorite Pasta.

A nice crispy green salad to accompany it!

Would you care to share yours?

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Do you not mince the garlic before slinging? Do you use wild salmon?

Your recipe works very well without the heavy cream and is better for the GI tract and the waistband. How about some fresh lemon juice instead.

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My cashew cole slaw and spaghetti sauce.
Just fed the neighborhood sauce last night.
Recently I discovered a horseradish cole slaw recipe to die for.
The cashew slaw is so easy, just make your cole slaw how you like it and add a can of halved cashews. To die for. I use a light creamy dressing and black pepper for a little extra zing.

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@Coloma sounds absolutely yummish, email me some?

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Skinheads on a raft.

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I call it the “Heart Attack Breakfast”.

My husband’s friends look forward to it when they visit. It’s apparently great for a hungover morning, so when the guys are out all night playing music (they’re all in bands) this is what they wake up to.

Melt a stick of butter, throw it in the bottom of a 16×9 pan. Scatter some chopped veggies – anything you’ve got, but don’t forget onions. I like to do corn, green peppers, mushrooms, and fresh spinach.

In a bowl, beat together a dozen eggs and half a cup of heavy cream (or skim milk, whatever.) While you’re letting that beat to a nice froth, brown a pound of bulk sausage. I recommend Jimmy Dean maple sausage. Scatter that in the bottom of the baking dish.

Stir 6 oz grated sharp cheddar into the eggs and carefully pour it into the baking dish. Top with 2 oz grated cheddar.

Bake at 350 for about ½ hour, until it’s done.

Then, have a bowl of cream of wheat while your friends give themselves an early coronary.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That is a great recipe going to keep that one.

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@Seek_Kolinahr OMG! It has been forever since I had a decadent breakfast like that! I have been craving eggs benedict lately, another heart attack on a plate!
My local cafe makes the most killer denver omelets with their cowboy potatos…oh lord help me! lol

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Now, I would die happy with Eggs Benedict in my tummy, and no mistake. ^_^

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@gailcalled I have a very sexy waistband thank you very much!!

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The appetizer Parmesan Onion Souffle was a huge hit with both my family and at a fund-raiser. In the latter case, I made a batch and sold a sample on a cracker for $.25. If someone liked it, they could purchase a copy of the recipe for $1.00. It was a money maker.

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@Shippy: I was thinking about mine.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks, I am bookmarking loll.

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I don’t know about famous, but I get asked for these a good bit.

Fry bacon as desired; remove.
Drain half grease, add olive oil.
Fry tomatoes in mix; remove.
Increase heat, rub bread with garlic fry cut side down till crisp.
Mix favorite melty cheese (blend) with minced garlic.
Layer tomato and bacon on fried bread.
Top with cheese and garlic; broil until just starting to brown.
Call ambulance.


And for desert.
Fry thick slice bacon crisp and slightly caramelized with a dash of cayenne.
Melt dark chocolate.
Dip bacon into chocolate, let set slightly.
Call second ambulance.


Heat olive oil, in pan over high heat.
Add garlic, fry until fragrant.
Add butter, a pinch of salt and pepper, and bay scallops; fry until scallops are golden.
Remove scallops deglaze with white wine.
Adjust taste as desired, reduce leaving lightly browned butter partially caramelized garlic.
Pour sauce over scallops and serve with crusty bread.
Take up residence in hospital.

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^^^ Talk about cooking with love. lol

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@wonderingwhy Thank you will savor and read each one.

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I make a mean coconut vodka ;-)

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I make a mean coconut rice with ginger, onions, garlic, and peas. It in itself makes a meal on its own or you can have it as a side dish.

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Shepards Pie.

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@creative1 will you share your secrets with us, oh Great One? ;-) (sounds like tasty stuff)

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Avocado pesto pasta, served with honey mustard marinaded salmon cooked on a wet plank of cedar roasted on the bbq (open fire better) and grilled carrots.

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I can’t say it made me famous but it’s my easy fall back recipe: Rosemary-Garlic lamb chops.Really delicious and easy. a no brainer. If you like Lamb that is. I use loin or rib lamb chops, rib are so expensive, loin is fine. You need fresh rosemary (please, please do not use dried!) fresh garlic (lots of it) oil, preferably olive oil, salt and pepper. You don’t need to marinate the lamb chops for long. Just chop plenty of rosemary, but don’t get carried away, it has a strong flavor, plenty of garlic, and sprinkle liberally over the lamb chops. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Marinate at least 15 minutes. Broil or grill. 3–4 minutes per side for medium rare depending on thickness. Side dishes I leave up to you!

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Broiled Scallops – easy peasy recipe for first time you cook for a girl

Make a wild rice and quinoa pilaf, or any easy pilaf recipe.

Melt 3 tablespoons of buttter in a metal pie tin under the broiler. When it’s just about to brown add a lb. of the small, baby size bay scallops, stir until the scallops are all coated in butter, then coat with Italian bread crumbs.

Put it all under the broiler for only three minutes.

Serve with the pilaf and steamed asparagus.

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I think it was the chicken with lemon I cooked at my first ever dinner party, I was 16. The recipe came from one of my mother’s 1970s cookbooks, that was a long time ago……

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Pesto Tortellini Pasta Salad

I used Costco’s cheese tortellini from the cold deli section (not frozen or dried) then cooked it according to package directions, immediately thrown into cold water and drained well. Then into this pasta I added halved grape tomatoes, cubes of mozzarella cheese, some chopped fresh basil, and some pine nuts. Mix in your favorite prepared pesto and voila! An instant potluck hit.

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I hate this question it makes me so hungry!

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Oooh, here’s a delicious recipe I stole from a little cafe I used to work in years ago.

Mix diced fresh or canned chicken breast with a couple of TBS. of mayo, a TBS of Caesar dressing, minced celery, slivered almonds and diced red grapes and fill pita pockets with the mix.
Garnish with shredded Romaine lettuce. It was our most popular lunch item. :-)

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@Coloma Hmmm, you are doing this on purpose, methinks!!!

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@Shippy Haha, yes,it is almost lunch time for me and I am daydreaming about food. lol

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@Coloma A baked potato with cheese sauce and crispy bacon bits goes down well.

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@Shippy Have you ever mixed salsa with sour cream and put it on your baked potato? OMG!
Also, ranch dressing. Jesus..I gotta eat, now! lol

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@Coloma Dam you! LOLL

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