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Who likes to eat bamboo?

Asked by reijinni (6863points) September 26th, 2012

Do you enjoy bamboo by itself or do you put it in a dish? What kind of bamboo do you like to eat?

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I love it a lot in Japanese cooking. Bamboo shoots are often boiled and pickled.

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I often use either bamboo or bean sprouts in stir fry dishes, real tasty, can add some nice crunch to the texture.

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I like Thai dishes that have bamboo shoots with curry.

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I had bamboo in hot chili oil as a side with my dinner on Monday night.

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I love bamboo shoots.

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Fresh, canned, pickled… we like bamboo in all sorts of SE Asian food.

1 tb canola oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 cayenne pepper, diced
1 can bamboo, matchstick cut (fresh works too)
2 tb dark soy sauce
2 tb rice wine
1 tsp sugar
white pepper to taste
green onion
minced cayenne
dash of dark soy sauce

-with a mortar and pestle crush together green onion, minced cayenne, and a dash of dark soy sauce; set aside
-heat oil till smoking
-add garlic and cayenne, fry 5 seconds
-add bamboo, mix well, fry 1 minute (till soft if fresh; just drop your heat a bit)
-add soy sauce, rice wine, sugar white pepper, fry 1 minute
-serve hot with a little onion mixture on top.

Works by itself or, we like it with char siu and some steamed bok choy. Also tried it without the topping on a vietnamese grilled pork sub at a friend’s urging, was great too.

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I love bamboo. I like to eat it and grow it. haha
I have several varieties and use it for all kinds of fun projects.
My geese like to eat their bamboo raw, when I water one huge clump in their pen the branches all drape down and they pluck the leaves.
Last week my neigh-bor got her leg stuck in the fence trying to eat my bamboos and she had to be rescued.

Yep, it’s bamboo ranch over this way. lol

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When I traveled in asia a few years ago I was served steamed rice in split bamboo culms.
Very cool.

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and me. Thai curry… Yum!

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I love bamboo shoots, bean sprouts and tons of water chestnuts in my stir fry

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mmmmm bamboo shoots so yummy in a stirfry!

As for the whole bamboo plant I will leave the woody stuff for the pandas to eat

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DAMB…... 3 answers too late!
Curse you and your funny post!

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