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In what state can you get married at 15?

Asked by susan15 (8points) June 4th, 2008

i am 15 and my boyfriend is 18

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There is no state in the union that allows marriage at the age of 15 without parental consent. Only a handful do with parental consent, and most of those also require a judge’s consent.

Why the rush? If you’re going to spend the rest of your life together, there’s no need to rush into it.

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If you two somehow got married and you had sex, he would be charged with rape and labeled a sex offender. You are a minor, he is an adult.

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@wizard – No, you’re wrong. Statutory rape laws almost universally have an exception for married couples. Especially since most states still require that the marriage be consummated before being considered valid.

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Er cant you get married in some countries at the age 16….. OH this sounds sort of silly and I know its not the same thing but you could get married by celtic manner, just come over to Ireland and there is this big rock with a hole in it. All you need to do is holed your lovers little finger with your little finger through the hole in the stone. Then no matter what any one ever says you will be married.

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Actually, I think you can still do this in Texas. My first “girlfriend” married a 50 year old with her mother’s consent when she was 15. This was shortly after we broke up.

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But honestly, I highly suggest not getting married at such a young age. Wait for at least 10 years, trust me.

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Okay. I’m going to be Mark (that means being more blunt then Frank) about it. That is incredible stupid to think you wanna get married now. Your little highschool relationship ain’t anything.

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basically just seek out some advice. If you have anyone you really look up to. Talk to them. Help there opinion base your next action. Its not the best idea, but if you want to do it and live with whatever consequences may arise good luck.

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Well, I say that if you 2 are in love then you should not listen to any one else, listen to your hart and it will tell you what to do.

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Out of curiosity…
What is/are the reasons you want to get married at 15?
How long have you been in this relationship?
What makes you believe you are ready for marriage?
What are your plans after the marriage (still go to school, have kids right away etc)?
Will your then husband be supporting himself as well as you if you continue school?

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Big mistake.

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seriously, just as others have stated, really really really if you are thinking about marriage at 15, reconsider and wait until you are at least 22–25.

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for the love of god! Don’t get married!
You will end up on jerry springer!

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none I hope as you cannot possaibly know enough about love or making a lifelong commitment to somebody. You will end up being divorced. If ye are still together in 7 to 8 years then get married you will know more about life,love and eachother.

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where the hell are your parents?
I would kick my kids ass if he ran off to get married, your lucky if your parents don’t have your bf arrested for statutory rape!

He would probably have to register as a sex offender.

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You really shouldn’t be getting married at the age of 15.

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See this earlier discussion for more information.

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And going with cheebdragon’s comment…that can definitely happen so you better hope the state you live in has age of consent set to less than 16 (the majority of the US is 16+)

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some m state

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i am 10 and i want to get married all ready!! haha
i think you can get married at 12 and drink at 12 in some country

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dude just think about this for a while.And if you still think that you really,trully,and doubtlesly love each other.Then go to hawaii or indianna or Michigan.But i really think you should wait.Mayebe you can just go to Ireland and do that rock thing.Just dont ruin your life.

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