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A minute amount of grass? Will it show up on a drug-screening?

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) October 3rd, 2012

I had a small amount, maybe 10 puffs of weed at a concert on Sept. 9th. I think I got a new job – I’ll know for sure in a couple of days. Problem is: they screen for drugs. I need to take the job asap, but should I wait a couple of more days before I take it, i.e., make up some sort of prior obligation that I must attend to? Is it a hard-fast rule that marijuana stays in your system for four weeks, as I’ve heard? Should I do a cleanse? I drink tons of water a day, and have been exercising – will that help my odds? Ugggh – the dreaded drug-test. I don’t know what to do! Am I driving myself crazy over nothing?

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If you aren’t a habitual user you should be just fine.

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Go to a smoke shop. Get the drink that masks thc.

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@DigitalBlue – Cool; sounds promising…
@_Whitetigress – I’ve heard there are products like that, but do they really work? Conflicting studies: This one, ultimately recommending water and exercise – This conflicts with the assertion of the four week period; that it only lasts a couple of days if you’re not a chronic smoker. I’ve just heard these days, they can even detect some of those flushes.
Anyway, I looked for some peer-reviewed stuff, but it’s hard to find: I guess most scientists and doctors aren’t looking for a remedy to pass a piss test. I suppose that’s a good thing. They should be working on the magic pill.

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@serenityNOW if it’s any consolation, I smoked the day before a surprising drug screen for a really great job (this was probably a decade ago), and I passed. And it was a follicle test, not even a urine test.
Most of the people I know who need to “cheat” to pass a screen like that, buy the powdered urine kits – not a flush.

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@DigitalBlue – That must’ve been mortifying, going into a situation like that with no warning! I’ll browse around for the kits tomorrow. I’m always on a painfully tight budget, so I’m going to have to find some budget stuff. Maybe I’ll know tomorrow if I even have the job, and when they’re actually going to test me.

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@serenityNOW They really work. Just this year my friend girl had to take a pee test for a position at the W Hotel. Passed. Back in ‘08 I had a buddy joining the Navy, heavy weed smoker drank the stuff accordingly (I think it was like 3 hours before entering the MEPS station) passed. He’s been serving in the Navy ever since.

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9/9? It is almost a full month after. If you aren’t a regular and/or heavy user by any means, then you should be clean now, and definitely by your drug test date. I wouldn’t sweat it.

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@seekingwolf “I wouldn’t sweat it.”

Actually, if I were you @serenityNOW I’d try to sweat as much as possible and detoxify with plenty of water and good old exercise. Are you in California btw? If you are traced with it, you can say it’s medicinal and belongs to your cousin that you visited for caring purposes.

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Buy a drug test at wal-mart. I think you will show up clean, but it should help with your worries.

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After two weeks the typical metabolism will get the level below a positive reading.
If your body has more than average fatty tissue it can take longer.
If you are lean and have a high metabolism it can take just a few days.

As mentioned you can get drug-test strips and check yourself. That’s very useful.
If you are over-level then employ a flush or de-tox ‘tea’, if nothing else running a lot of fluid through you can help eliminate and dilute residual traces.

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Every body is different. And there are lots of different factors to consider. As advised above, you can always get a cheap test and check yourself. BUT….in most circumstances, given your situation, this is what I think:

It’s been almost a month since Sept. 9th, you aren’t a regular smoker and that was your only occasion of taking it, you should definitely be good to go by now. The 3–4 week rule is almost always for regular smokers who smoke multiple times every day. The less you’ve smoked, and the less frequently you’ve indulged, the quicker it leaves your system. I’m pretty positive you’ll be negative ;)

Don’t use detox kits, they suck, they’re expensive and they can be harmful if not used properly. Stay away. There’s other better, safer methods out there, but you probably won’t need them, you should be fine.

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I used one of the home drug-test kits, and came out negative! So, I guess I’m in the clear unless they test a hair-folicle. In that case, I’ll worry about it when I’m presented with the issue.
This all may be counting the chickens before they hatch, as I’m not going to be certain about getting the job till the weekend, or beginning of next week, anyway. I thought I’d know sooner, but oh, well. Ironically, that will push me past the 4-week mark, anyway, but I guess it is nice to know that garbage is out of my system. Must confess: I didn’t like the high, anyway. Any illusions I’ve had about enjoying that crap is long gone.
Thanks all; my concerns are alleviated!

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Glad you tested clean. I tested myself pre drug test just to be sure (smoked a month before) and it was negative. I hear the walmart urine tests are much like the urine tests your job will use.

Most places don’t follicle test. Most.

I haven’t smoked in a long time. Miss it but oh well. If you are in a job that you’re at risk for hurting yourself, stay off the grass. I have to move very fat people in my job. If I hurt my back, I want compensation. If I test positive for illegal drugs, I get none. So staying clean even after the test may be beneficial.

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