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What did you discover recently in a moment of reflection?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) October 6th, 2012

Have you learned any truths upon reflection lately you could share with the collective? I would assume most people make mistakes, and the import of those mistakes is only discovered years later. Please help forward common knowledge by sharing your knowledge now.

For Example: If your mother in law kisses you with tongue during a pre-wedding cruise, then grabs your package, the marriage will not work out.


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That procrastination gets in my way and if I don’t learn to control it, I could suffer greatly. And why doesn’t this knowledge make me get to work?

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That I can have quite a temper when people spout nonsense to me. I immediately react without thinking and that can cause a huge argument as well as some….distasteful….feelings amongst people.

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Moonlight… actually still sunlight! Lol.

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That when life paints you into a corner, a step ladder gets you out, and lifts you higher.

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There are several consistently common denominators with the men I am interested in romantically.

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That I really like living alone.

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@jca I could be an “integral” part of your life.

Ba dum chhh.

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Loyalty can easily be bought and sold when conveinant.

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Religion is a form of government. Church and State cannot both thrive unless they have common values.

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Mitt Romney’s wife has a face that looks like a punched angel delight.

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That most of the page hits to my website were from robot web-crawlers.

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I’m with @chyna I love living alone and doubt I will ever choose to live with another person ever again.

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