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Can you name this movie for me? It's non-fiction.

Asked by Aster (18381points) October 8th, 2012

A husband and wife have about six kids. He keeps talking about Australia to them until they’re semi interested. Then he tells them they’re moving to Australia. But when they get there he immediately goes back to the states for a “short” business trip and has actually dumped them in Australia. The wife has to find a way to feed her family until dad returns ; but he never does. After terrible hardship she makes it without the Jerk.
What is the title of this movie?

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Wow! I don’t know, but I’m following!

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“The Nicole Kidman Story” ... oh, wait a minute…

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thank you. It’s A Place of Our Own and is not on Amazon! As opposed to, A Home of Our Own which I already have on DVD. @Mallei I a going to check your link!

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