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To the American Flutherites: Do you find Kath & Kim funny?

Asked by shrubbery (10326points) October 19th, 2008

Kath & Kim is an Australian show originally right, and it takes all the little Aussie things to the extreme and makes them absolutely hilarious (well, I think so as an Australian), so when they said they were making an American version I was really intrigued as to how it would go and how much the same it would be or how different it would have to be to adapt to your culture.

I watched a little bit of it when it aired here, and didn’t think it was funny at all. At all.

Perhaps as an Australian I could only ever find our version funny but not yours.

I do have to admit though that I didn’t watch that much of it so I couldn’t really tell how much they’d changed it or kept the same.

If you watched it, did you find it funny? If you have seen the Australian version as well, did you find that funny or totally boring?

American Kath & Kim

Australian Kath & Kim

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I watched the first episode of the American version. It was absolutely horrible. I have not seen the Australian version.

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Never heard of it. Sounds like I should try to limit my knowledge to what was written here.

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I am watching the pilot (at and I am quite amused. Not half bad…yet. Only one negative so far: I have never found Molly Shannon to be remotely sexy.

OMG! She eats the wrap at the competition! this is getting good….

Another: “I heard your ankle bracelet and I followed you here…” I am liking it….

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“You are my universal remote”

“Can I make you a sandwich?” “Umm..I’ll have the Wham Bam thank You Ham”

“This is God Talking…Just kidding…it’s Phil”.

“Craig’s not the brightest bulb in the salon” “Well Phil is no rocket surgeon”

I liked the pilot episode quite a bit. I’ll check out the aussie version….

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Episode One: “There’s a frosting orientation at 4:00 am…4:00 am KIM!!!”

Well, isn’t this a kick in the pills

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Saw both American episodes and I like the show quite a bit. Now, on to the Aussies…

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Aussie original is far better than the American re-make. Far, far better.

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I wanted to. I did not.

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feh to the American. I crazy love the original though

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my sister loved it—i haven’t seen it yet. Not surprised you didn’t like it—I don’t think British humor is funny. Think shows like that are specific for the country….too many inside jokes.

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Hated it. Only put up with it because its right in the middle of my shows.
But I feel the same way about 30 Rock.

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I’ve yet to find something to rival Seinfeld or Everyone Loves Raymond.

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The Australian version is hilarious… the US? Disappointing if compared but, mildly entertaining on its own.

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I’ve recently moved to Melbourne, think Kath and Kim is set in the suburbs here, the humor is spot on. Nearly as good as the pizza world record thing. So many bogans in one little town…

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have to say I haven’t seen the Aussie one but I really like the USA version. Maybe because I haven’t seen the Aussie version?

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I found it painful to watch. Couldn’t make it though the episode.

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It makes me cringe in embarassment for the actors its so bad.

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its being cancelled in the US!

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Aussie version is a riot. Never seen the American one.

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lol I am Australian….and I didn’t really like the Aussie version to begin with, well not alot anyway, but the american one was a little bit strange to me…or maybe that’s just because I’m used to the old one. Sorry I realise you weren’t addressing me. lol.

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I am an American….living in the UK….and I would not want to see the American version.


I love, love, love…..Kath and Kim…..! I lived in Australia for a while, but I think even if you haven’t, you still get the nuances (or heck…how can you not??) It’s really the story of any family that is dysfunctional in most of the Western World, isn’t it? Well….if your mum was obsessed with diet, exercise, sex and clothes from the 80’s and your sister was as obnoxious as all get out.

This is one of the shows of recent years where I laugh out loud at some of the antics….it’s so cleverly done…and the sub-story lines are hilarious, too. What is really strange (and unnerving) is that “Kel” (of questionable machismo) resembles my ex-boyfriend a little bit! He was also an Aussie.

This show was/is….just….great.

I will have to say that “The Office” US is a lot better than the original “The Office” UK. It is really well-written and acted….so in that case it did work.

I “pacifically” wanted to point that out…...:)

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