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How do I put the drawstring back into my sweatshirt?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) October 9th, 2012

I have a beloved sweatshirt whose hood tightens with a shoelace. I just washed and dried it (on delicate), and the shoelace came almost all the way out. Is there a way to get it back in myself, or should I take it to a tailor??

I think this is the most technical question I’ve ever asked on Fluther, haha!

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Hook a sewing needle into one end. Then thread the needle carefully through the tunnel, bunching it up as you move along.

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Put a safety pin in the end of the string and push the pin through the hood.

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Scrunch up the fabric in teh direction that you want to go, feel around for the tip, and tug, unscrunching the fabric behind the end. Repeat until you get to the other end.

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I’m a big fan of the safety pin method.

One even easier than that is to unwind a metal clothes hanger, and loop both ends. Tie the string to one end and thread the other end through the casing. Then pull through. Ta-da!

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Sweet, wow, so many ideas! Thank you @janbb, @Adirondackwannabe, @Nullo, & @Seek_Kolinahr!

Physical reality is not my forte, so I might never have thought of any of these ideas :-p

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Another option is to tie one end of the shoe lace in a knot. Then you can work the lace through by the material-bunching and pull method. Once the lace is at the other end and pulled through, tie double knots in both ends. This should prevent it from ever happening again.

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I have also fixed this kind of problem with a safety pin. It works!

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I’ve never had occasion to try it, but I’ve always wanted to:

Soak it, freeze it in the approximately semi-circular shape that it will be when in use, and then thread it quickly while still frozen.

The other way, and this I have used (if you ever splice double-braided rope you will know very quickly what a fid is), just tape the leading edge of your string to the fid, and work the fid through the hole.

Note that you won’t be working on a 2’ diameter drawstring, so your fid won’t look anything like that in the photo. In fact, a straightened wire coat hanger works great as a fid for this application.

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Safety pin always works for me, also.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I have used a similar method but I used baling wire, it is more flexible and easy to loop the end and manipulate.

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I use the safety pin method, too. Definitely knot the ends of the cord once you get it back in.

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Safety pin, you’ll be there all damn day trying to thread it in lol…
No..not me…
If you have a metal hanger – one of those that can be untwisted and bent into all sorts of shapes, you could try securing the end of the thread onto the end of the hanger, inserting into and threading it through the hood that way. I’ve tried it and it worked for me on both my cargoes and one hoody (I’m not a big fan of those – but cargoes, I just have to have loads of pockets)!

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When I first read your question I read it this way How do I put the drawstring back in my sweetheart ?

I’m with the safety pin brigade, works a treat.

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Another vote for the safety pin. Have fun!

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Safety pin.

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Straighten out a coat hanger, tape the lace to one end of the hangar, push the hanger through by bunching up the hood onto the hanger and pull through.

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