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What is happening on June 9th?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) June 5th, 2008

I here every one commenting on next Monday and before the 9th, but what is happening on June 9th?

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June 9th is when the world will be consumed in the explosive and tumultuous thunder of what is to be the second coming of our messiah: The iPhone.

There will be 205 days remaining in the year 2008.

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Uh yeh, I was wondering this to. Turns out it’s just some Apple thing. Uh.

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It’s Michael J. Fox’s birthday.

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W W D C !

ooooh yeah!

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I’m working.

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Yeah. People are getting all excited about something they can’t really predict. I think it’s funny how much we are willing to put up with for something that we’ve learned will either go down in price, or get better anyway. :)

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That is the day when all will feel the wrath of Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field.

p.s. And you don’t have to drink the Kool Aid to feel the effects!

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I’m going to Hawaii on the 9th

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the second greatest day of my life. Second to July 15 2007 (day I got my iPhone)

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@ waterskier2007 ~ please tell us you are exaggerating.

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oh yes for sure. i am not that pathetic

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June 9th is when I start my Italian summer school class.

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Hello???? We are all celebrating Johnny Depp’s Birthday! ;-)

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@ waterskier2007 ~ whew!

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i have finals on that day :(

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The world will end. WATCH OUT ITS COMING. Where? There. Where? Behind you

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@thebeadholder: You have exceeded your question mark limit for this week.

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