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Do you have any ideas for a 15th birthday party?

Asked by augustlan (47745points) May 15th, 2009

My oldest daughter (flyawayxxballoon on Fluther) is turning 15 in June. She’s tired of the same old pool parties she’s had in the past, is too old for any kind of theme, and doesn’t want to have a ‘boring’ party. Probable number of guests is 8 to 12 kids her age and a little older. Suggestions? Please?

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For my 14th birthday party, my mother took me and about 7 of my friends out for manicures, pizza, and a movie! It was a lot of fun.

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Chippendales? ;)

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My go-to is the scavenger hunt. Party-goers start at a hip part of town and have to do some outlandish stuff – get a pic with an officer on a horse, ask a stranger for a bite of his/her food, find a clue at a pre-determined spot, etc. Shop owners are generally up for participation and strangers love a conversation. It’s fun and harmless, and the girls love it! At the end of the scavenger hunt all party-goers end up at the same restaurant and enjoy a nice meal where presents are given and the birthday can be celebrated. It’s just a good time with teens feeling independent and daring (alwys something they look for, right?).

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Is there a Lucky Strike bowling lanes near you? Good ol’ fashioned cheesy fun. And great food. And if you celebrate your bday there, they’ll give you a pin.

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At 15, she should have an idea what she wants to do.
Ask her.
Talk to her. See what she would love to do and they try and let her do it on her own as much as you can.
Stay in the other room or go out. Let her have some fun with her friends.

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Give her 50 bucks and say “happy birthday.” At this point, that’s probably what she wants more than anything else.

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Great ideas, guys… keep ‘em coming!

@Thebigbaboo We have talked (and talked, and talked…) about it, but she is out of ideas, and doesn’t like any of mine. :(

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Another idea is the mom and daughter party where moms and daughters get pampered. Manicures and pedicures to start it off, a nice lunch where moms share favorite stories, and finally a decadent dessert where daughters and moms can just pig out! Great fun.

Then there’s the fancy lunch/dinner, where you put out the bank for a meal you would never do any other time. Let the girls eat alone and celebrate the birthday sans patents.

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@augustlan Bowling comes to mind. It’s stupid. But still fun. Just make sure you go on a night when the lanes are not full of “real” bowlers. Yikes.

You could also try a day trip someplace with say, 3 of her best friends?
Or Shopping. Shopping is always good.

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@augustlan I keep trying to think up legitimate ideas but I’m at a loss ( all sons, nephews and grandsons in my whole family) Not sure how up she is to doing guy ideas….I was going to go out on a limb and say “hookers…you can never go wrong with hookers”

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Hookers and Chippendales… perfect. ;-)

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@augustlan Glad I could be of assistance!! :)

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Too old for the water park? Mine never got that old (yet).

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Tell her to suck it up until she turns 16.

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For the record, she was following this question earlier and has chosen @gimmedat‘s scavenger hunt idea. We live in a perfect location for that, and she loves the whole idea! Thanks for all (well most) of the suggestions, everyone!

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I thought of bowling—and also what about miniature golf? That used to be fun. We also had a trampoline jumping place, and we did that as teens.

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@augustlan I got the well most didn’t I? ;)

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Ooh, I went on a scavenger hunt with my friends once. It wasn’t for a party, but it was still awesome and we had to go all around the whole city basically. We called it the “Suicide Scavenger Hunt” (because of the outlandish things on the list). There were 66 things on the list and the team who had the most done at the end of the set time-period won. (A lot of them were picture things). It was so much fun. Took up the whole Saturday.

There’s a plan to do an SSH 2 after we graduate. I really hope that plan comes to fruition…

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@augustlan, the scavenger hunt always wins! They have such a great time. Have fun and let us know how it goes!

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arts and crafts party, jewellery making, make up/pampering party – get some one in to help?? Scavenger hunts are cool, you can make the prizes really girly handbands, bobbles, make up etc.. Another twist on that idea is to hide objects in places, but make them really hidden ie a black straw tucked into a black photo frame, so they have to look for certain objects really closely and see how many they can find – useful if house bound coz of weather.
Cinema then swanky meal or vice versa?
Hope you all have a fab time no matter what you decide.

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That scavenger hunt sounds fun! Hope it works out :)

I don’t even remember my 15th birthday, I was probably too angsty to enjoy it. I know my 16th, my parents took me to chincoteague and it was soo much fun.

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@casheroo I went to Virginia Beach for my 16th!

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All I know is when I was that age, we didn’t want parties with planned activities (bowling, mini golf) and parents. We couldn’t possibly invite the boys to a baby party! The best parties were the ones in my friends finished basement. It was a game room with pool table, air hockey, video games, etc. It was decorated like a club/ bar and had a big area for dancing. We would turn the music up loud and make out :)
The scavenger hunt actually sounds like a lot of fun.

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Scavenger party! That sounds fun at any age.

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@gimmedat I think I’ll suggest a scavenger hunt for my son’s 15th birthday this June. That sounds like a lot of fun!

@augustlan Hope your daughter has a great time!

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Take them somewhere. It doesn’t have to be somewhere expensive, just somewhere thast they can have fun. An amusement park, a spa, anything. You can never be too old for a theme either, in my opinion=)

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at 15 I just had a bunch of friends over and hung out, probably a bunch of my girlfriends slept over no big deal. sounds like fun!

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Money goes with everything a 15 year-old loves! Or ask her what she wants because at that age, it is all too easy to embarrass the stuffing out of her. Always fun things like a pizza party sleep-over for the girlfriends are easy and don’t require a lot of planning or effort.

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For my fifteenth birthday party, my mom took us all out to King’s Dominion. And it was frickin’ awesome. We were not well off so kids had to pitch in about $15 each and I told them not to buy me gifts, that coming along was enough. :)

Scavenger hunt is pretty awesome too!

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There’s not much around here, but we do have parties at the movie theatre. And the skating rink, and the bowling alley. I would consider these. I threw my daughter and her friends an all night fright fest, with scary movies, ghost stories, pizza, pop, chips, you name it!

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For one of My Best friends birthdays we went to Hershey Park! Another time we went to Bush gardens and once Kings Dominion It really isnt alot of money if u get the party package! I hope I helped!

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