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Are blacks obligated to vote for Obama?

Asked by woodcutter (16289points) October 10th, 2012

Stacy Dash lets her intentions be known and gets viciously hammered for it. Is she a race traitor?

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No one can claim to speak for an enormous and amorphous mass of people. Dash is entitled to her own secret ballot.

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But it kinda is not secret anymore, much like everyone on fluther?

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Who is Stacy Dash?

But to speak to the larger question, of course, no one is obligated to vote for someone of their race. Should Jews only vote for Joe Lieberman?

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What did CRA mean in Samual L Jackson’s tweet response?

I had to look it up, @janbb, but she is the actress from Clueless. The co-star with Reese Witherspoon or whoever it was that played the ditzy blond. Dash is the dark-haired Clueless girl.

Was the criticism from Twitter? Uh, like, who cares?

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Obligated? No.

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Uncle Tom sellouts is what they are. Haha.

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I will assume she has done well for herself so it seems believable she would see things the way she does. But it seems that some of the people of tolerance have become just a little bit…..intolerant?

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She watched an interview with Romney and his wife, and decided “they seemed authentic and genuine”? Sounds like she’s still clueless.

But she can vote for whoever she wants – why does anyone care? In fact… does anyone care? This seems like a story that’s written to stir up controversy where there is none.

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This also does nothing except propagate stereotypes and creare a divisive environment: democrats are for the poor and blacks, republicans are for rich and white. It’s really stupid and doesn’t help anyone. Geez, why are we so stupid…

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It looks like that a group of people that have shown great disdain of stereotyping are expecting someone to follow one. It just seemed violently odd ,or, what goes for violence online.

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@Blackberry I think it’s swell to be in a country where we can be stupid

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Just right-minded people regardless of race, a vote for Romney is like admitting you’re a hopeless, deluded ostrich.

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What? Of course not.

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Take a look at this video from Jessica Williams of the Daily Show on the dilemma of Black Mormons .

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Why would they be “obligated.” Silly.

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Mitt can be proud. Porn actresses for Mitt, featuring Stacey Dash. If you have the good judgment to be a porn actress, then it surely follows that you will have the good judgment to vote for Mitt. Right?

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@wundayatta people like you

You make her out to be Obama-girl

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@Coloma Maybe “expected” would have been better, but I assume too much sometimes that because I take a few days off and catch up on the news that everyone has also ;p

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Who the hell was following Stacey Dash on Twitter to see it? This seems like something she cooked up with her publicist.

She is an absurdly attractive actress who writes bad poetry. So teenage boys are the only ones who would have seen this.

“True love will throw you into the Black Holes of the Universe
For that is the debt you dug”

After I read that line of hers, I absolutely believe she shares most tenets of conservative thought.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought, I l-o-v-e your avatar. Like, is that whom I think?

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Yes. And Asian people should refrain from voting until there is an Asian candidate.

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To quote Captain Malcolm Reynolds: “Like woman, I am a mystery.”

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In America, we all have the right to be stupid. Now, if she actually believes Romney is genuine and ignores his record, then that is stupid, but also within her rights.

Besides, she is only one voter; her celebrity status doesn’t change that, or make her vote count more than mine. So why should we care? I worry more about those who threaten to fire/excommunicate those in their company/congregation who vote for Obama.

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@rojo I watched that this morning, and thought of this thread, too. :)

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You should vote based on your political views not on race. That is probably the most racist thing I have heard about the president these past 5 years. To assume that an entire race of people have the same political views is outrageous and disgusting. It especailly ignorant now that the barrier of being the first black president has been broken down. It is the same as saying just becasue you a female you should vote for Jill Stein or Hillary Clinton.

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This thread started me to googling about how race is included scientifically when looking at Mankind as an animal. Subspecies, sub-subspecies, at which point can science pin down say a Black person living in Los Angeles (had to check this is in the social section) Negris Africanis Los Angelis Urbanis? I found a facinating read here
Then there are the mixtures like me Half Japanese and half Heinz 57 American. I am not sure I can expand my brain enough to get my mind around all of it. And… believe it or not, while I am starting to lean a bit, I still am waiting on the rest of the debating before I decide which button to push for prez.

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You do have an option in some states to vote for Steward Alexander.

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You would think so with all the backlash Stacy received for publicly stating her views. I was listening to Whoopi Goldberg speak about this topic today and she mentioned how she also received a lot of backlash when she mentioned several years ago that she could consider supporting Mitt Romney (and fyi- I’m not a follower of Huffington Post. This is the first link I came across when searching for Whoopi’s statement. A statement I heard on a mostly liberal The View. Just thought I should point that out after I witnessed a bunch of backlash towards another user here at Fluther today for using a link not suitable for the majority of Fluther users.)

How dare a black woman not vote for Obama. She must be stupid!~

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No one is obligated to vote for anyone. You should vote for a candidate because you would like them as the president of your country, not just because they are a member of your registered party or the same race as you.

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O.O! Blacks better not be obligated to vote for Obama! If they are that means I’m gonna be obliged to vote for Romney and I’m not sure I could reconcile such a personal disgrace with myself.

And of course no one is obligated to vote in a particular way, except perhaps, in the way that best reflects their personal beliefs.

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If the woman was white do we really think she would have received so much hate on? No. My point is that it really does appear that if a black voter does not vote democrat or for the black democrat candidate, they had better be able to explain themselves, as if a persons vote is subject to anther’s approval instead of a personal choice. No one believes that a white voter voting for the black candidate is going off the res so it appears that even the progressives have yet to get past race themselves…or at least those who took the time to show how dissapointed they were with this woman’s choice.

I mean our very own esteemed @wundayatta calls her a porn actress, really? Who are porn actresses normally voting for these days. That word…normally, is there really a normal way to vote in an election? It would appear that within some circles there is. There has been a trend here on this site as of late for libs to become abrasive to the point of being butthurt at some of the questions here that don’t portray entities they support in nothing but the best possible light. Or am I just seeing things but I see what is there. This has coincided with polls as of late that show the race tightening to statistical dead heat but anyone who remembers election campaigns knows that is normal.

Normal…there’s that word again.

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No one is obligated to vote for anyone. But Stacey Dash seems to forget that free speech is a two-way street. She responded to criticism by saying that it was just her humble opinion, and that everyone is entitled to have one. She’s right, but that includes all of her critics too.

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Oh, Stacy Dash definitely not. But Big Bird does.

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@Patton But the harshness of those people who trasher her. Sure they have free speech and no one has a right to NOT be offended. I’m sure she knew this was going to start a hornets nest with her being a famous black celebrity. I think what all here have danced and dodged is my point, that the “right” is not THE exclusive home of intolerance. Y’all know it ,but in order to keep the peace in a liberal majority ,not one of you has the balls to just out and admit it…not one. I would say that is the case brought mainly out of fear of being a victim of your own venom…of which you know more than any, how much that stings.

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Nope. I don’t think that race should be a factor in picking any candidate. I certainly wouldn’t pick a Christian, Puerto Rican who was running for president if he was like Romney in every other way. Every 4 years I try to vote for the candidate that I figure will do the least damage to our country.
Some years I didn’t even vote because it was a toss up between a-hole one and a-hole two. I’m hoping to live long enough to one day have the option of really having to choose between two prime candidates, where the only difference in them may be only a less grating voice. Maybe someone who sounds like Sean O’Connery, or where I choose a candidate that happens to be a woman. Some day…...........

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Yes it is unfortunate that we get two less than desirable choices so we choose the least bad one or none of the above and hope for the best and expect the worse. I think race muddles things up so much because of preconceived notions of how they would govern. Like each race of us is a monolithic entity and predictable. Or should be.

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I know I would have a hard time voting for someone who actively evangalized for a religious cult that, at the time he was doing so, believed/preached my race was evil.

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@gorillapaws, but Obama distanced himself from Rev. Wright and that made it okay in the eyes of his supporters.

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No more than idiots have an obligation to vote for Romney.

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Are whites obigated to vote for Romney? If the answer is no, then you have answered your own question.

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That’s just ridiculous. Of course they’re not obligated. Last I checked, though, the great majority of the African American voters supported Obama. But being likely to vote for someone is not the same as being obligated to do so.

Statistically speaking, African Americans in the US are more likely to be working class, blue collar citizens OR living in poverty. And most working class people, black or otherwise, have a tendency to vote Democrat (unless you’re living in the Bible Belt, where everything is backwards.

@bkcunningham That’d be Alicia Silverstone, not Reese Witherspoon.

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@bkcunningham I think this is the perfect example of false balance.

You have Obama who attended a church with a minister who said some questionable things. When Obama learned of them, he denounced the statements, gave a speech against them, and stated: “Our relations with Trinity have been strained by the divisive statements of Reverend Wright, which sharply conflict with our own views.” Obama was raised by his WHITE mother and his WHITE grandparents played a big part in his life. To think that Obama at any time believed that white people were evil is not only logically absurd, but a gross distortion of reality to create a false balance.

And not to justify the statements of Rev. Wright, but he attended College in VA, right around the time that VA was closing schools rather than integrating them. I’m certain he’s witnessed first-hand a lot of anti-black sentiment in the south during segregation/desegregation. I can certainly appreciate how those experiences may have shaped his beliefs. The reality is that white people are responsible for a lot of evil shit that went down back then, and I certainly don’t judge people from that era who have lingering resentment.

Romney on the other hand not only participated in the Mormon Church prior to the 1978 change in policy, but actively participated in spreading those beliefs as a missionary. According to their faith at the time Romney was a missionary, black people inherited the Curse of Ham. If Romeny had left the church in disgust upon learning of the doctrine, then you might have a case for the issues being somewhat parallel, but instead of doing so, he signed up to preach the faith.

If I were a black voter, I would have a really hard time with that. I know I have a hard time with it as a white voter.

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Perhaps, but no more than most white rednecks are obligated to vote for Romney/Ryan, or another right wing candidate. Maybe there is a race divide here, but there’s also an image (I mean partisan) divide too. They’re both just as bad in my opinion.

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@Paradox25 If partisan divides are bad in your view then really the best form of govt would be a dictatorship where everyone did vote the same and things run a bit more smoothly with out everyone’s opinions having any weight and getting in the way. The bad part is people don’t get to help choose which ideology they live under. I wouldn’t like it.
But in some corners that is what a utopia shapes up to be.

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I am sorry folks. I looked at her twitter. While I believe she is conservative leaning, I looked down. A week and one half prior she tweets that she has added a new publicist. Suddenly she sends a political tweet, that a bunch of people respond negatively towards, and she is on Pierce Morgan.

I suspect the people saying nasty things to her were plants.

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@woodcutter I look at it this way, it is so unpopular to say anything good about Obama or admit that you support him in my neck of the woods that in doing so frequently subjects you to the most hateful and insulting comments. Yes, there are nasty liberals too, but from my own experiences conservatives are way less forgiving than liberals. I like options too, but in my opinion a right wing aristocracy whose followers are nothing more than bullies in bunches is no less a utopia than a socialist one. I guess the term freedom really is a subjective term afterall.

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@woodcutter No place is THE exclusive home of intolerance. You say no one has the balls to admit that, but I think most people just think it’s too obviously true to be worth repeating. And you keep saying “you.” I’m not a liberal. I’m not even an American citizen.

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