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Hey you guys! Do you have Trypophobia?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7877points) October 12th, 2012

It’s called Trypophobia and it is an intense, irrational fear of (organic) holes.
I found it sort of disgusting, but people that really have the phobia will apparently itch themselves when seeing the pictures.
Click the link and let me know what you think.

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I’m not sure I could handle looking at the picture, haha. Is it stuff like honeycombs and skin pores? I find small holes or cell like objects to be pretty disturbing. Like a pile of yeast, or bubbles in milk. Not sure if I’d call it a phobia, perhaps an aversion.

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Nope, I’m good. Interesting though.

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@bookish1 The first picture is a honeycomb!

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Apparently not. I thought all of the photos were naturally beautiful and artistic.

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Not an issue for me, now, I am phobic about people throwing up. I have an intense dislike of vomit. lol Other than raising my daughter and dealing with baby barf I am NOT the person that will hold your hair back when you puke. Sorry. lol

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@Aesthetic_Mess : AUGGGH, thanks for the warning ;)

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Note: this is a psychosomatic phobia that spreads by being told about it. Posting about it on the internet is a long-standing form of trolling. I’m not saying that @Aesthetic_Mess is trolling. It’s just good to know the context of what one is doing.

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The poppy seed bagel picture made me hungry. That’s it.

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Thanks @SavoirFaire That explains why the link refers to a term used from Urban Dictionary and not a reliable medical resource.

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@SavoirFaire I didn’t even know that. I’m sorry.
I did always find stuff like that gross before I even heard about the “phobia” though.

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@SavoirFaire & @Aesthetic_Mess: I didn’t think of this as a form of trolling. I have had this aversion since I was little. I’ve forgotten if I had learned the name of this phobia previously, but I do remember mentioning that I have an aversion to “bubbles in milk” in my high school psych class, haha.

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No, I don’t unless the holes have spiders in them.

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Racist porn stars have a morbid fear of black holes, just like astronauts.

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@Coloma My phobia’s are germs in bathrooms and hospitals & more than 1 minute of newborn baby crying. Gives me the chills every time.

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The poppy seed bagel made me hungry.

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I itched. But then, I itch all the time, anyway. So it’s hard to argue it was a result of the vid.

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Since it was suggested that the photos were gross, I could kind of be a bit grossed out by some of them. But phobia? No, not really.

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@bookish1 You never blew bubbles into your milk through a straw? You missed out on one of the formative experiences of age 7 – 10.

I thought I was going to see something more unusual like ostomies. That’s a pretty tame video.

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Except the toad and anything like that which makes me go catatonic, the rest is of great interest!!!!!

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the only thing that weirded me out was this one….and only because it was used in an internet hoax involving a woman’s breast

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(Must be Friday afternoon; I’m clicking on gross hoax images on the Internet.)

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Sorry Jan!!

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@bookish1 I explicitly stated that I do not believe that this thread is an attempt at trolling. What I said is that linking to information about the phobia is a common thing that actual trolls do.

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Checked out the pictures and video, didn’t do much for me. I would like to note though, the video seems to purposely show some nasty stuff that one might get grossed out by, whether or not they have a legitimate fear of clustered holes. Like some kind of psychological mindfuck as @SavoirFaire says. Reminds me of how you could make a video with normal pictures in it, like animals screaming or yawning, then add sad music to it, and everyone will think the animals are in pain and all. or something I saw that before (a video with various sad pics) with a lolcat picture. It showed a puppy abandoned in the snow, and apparently dying…then I saw the actual lolcat picture months later, where the caption underneath suggests that the puppy was safe and sound, and he was saying something cute and funny. So like, introducing a fear of clustered holes, and then showing some stuff that looks like clips from Eraserhead might convince someone that organic holes suck. I’m certainly not saying the phobia is false though, far from it. There’s a phobia for everything anyways, even fear itself.
But I guess I don’t have that fear, although I hate having to see anything that has ugly ass worms in it. Unless they’re on zombies, then it’s pretty cool.

And LOL it showed a chocolate bar. XD

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I guess I do not have it. That shit didn’t gross me out or make me itch. Matter of fact, the picture of bubbles made me thirsty. :)

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@Only138 Can’t go wrong with chocolate and milk. :D

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The lotus seed freaks me out, only because the first time I saw it it was Photoshopped onto a woman’s breast and the description said it was small insects burrowing holes into the skin. If I had never seen that horrible Photoshopjob first, I doubt I’d find anything wrong with the lotus. None of the other ones bothered me, though, except for maybe the wood-pecked tree because of its resemblance to the lotus. If I see a cluster of holes with things in those holes, it’s going to remind me of the whole insect/worm burrowing thing…

My mom definitely has an aversion to clustered segments and holes, although only a few of those pictures probably would’ve bothered her. I always guessed that it was because those kinds of things do sort of resemble skin diseases and that’s obviously something that we’d have an aversion to, evolutionarily speaking.

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Strawberries used to gross me out as a kid. I used to think the seeds were bugs. LOL

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@Dutchess_III I. Can’t. Not. Look. At it.

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@Dutchess_III And I am so sorry that I did. Even though a hoax, that idea has been haunting me and grossing me out all weekend.

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I’m sorry you guys. I should have put a strong disclaimer on it.

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@Dutchess_III It makes me want to clutch my boobs and never go to the tropics!

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I even get the itchy skin by thinking about the holes. I just can’t look at the pictures. It’s pretty weird, but the thing is that I’m interested on learning more about this phobia and why is it caused (I mean, if there are some factors that trigger trypophobia but I can’t search it on the internet because there are always so many disgusting pictures)

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