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Can you recommend a reliable Scrabble Word Finder Tool? What is it that you like in the tool?

Asked by ayls_billones (124points) October 13th, 2012

I want to improve my skills in playing Scrabble, some said that using Scrabble Word Finder can also help improve my skills aside from reading and referring to dictionaries. Have you used this kind of tool?

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I would not recommend any. That takes __ALL__ the fun out of scrabble. A great way to improve you skills is my reading more novels.

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welcom to Fluther

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I also don’t have any to recommend. I have found that practice, playing often, is where I have improved. I have learned lots of interesting Scrabble words through playing with a variety of people and trial and error.
Playing online is great, because it will tell you whether or not your word is acceptable, which saves you from having to look it up.

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Don’t listen to the purists. Winning is winning.

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Whatever. Use the word finders to win if you want. Don’t lie to yourself or anyone about it. Using a crutch to get the best words won’t improve your skills, it will dull them. Even your question indicates a diminishing of intuitive skills. You want someone else to give you links or ideas and tell you why they’re the best. Google the word scrabble, you’ll find a bunch. Try each one, it will improve your skills in decision making.

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Yes. It is called “The Brain”.

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Yes, read more, look up a new word everyday and you can buy the official scrabble dictionary. If you have a good brain and memory and a creative edge in your recall you’ll sink the scrabble ship everytime.

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