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Can we, you know, BAN iPod/iPhone/iTouch questions here?

Asked by MisterBlueSky85 (892points) June 5th, 2008

Because iCan’tStandThemAnymore.

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I do know that allot of ppl ask too many iPhone Q’s (mainly me) But it is very simple, there is no where else to ask. ModMyiFone never answer questions and there is no where else.

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You could just not answer them.

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@ Melonking: “There is no where (sic) else to ask.”

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Those questions are usefull to peoople that own iPod, iPhone, itouch.

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Can we, you know, arbitrarily ban questions about topics that are important to users other than yourself?

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@PupnTaco, or he could go on; a site meant for asking questions and having them answered by people who may have some expertise on what you’re wondering about.

If you looked at melonking’s post, I had the same problem he did with my Iphone, and went to that exact site you just linked to, and no one answered my question.

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@Monsoon – that’s true, I don’t have to answer them. And I don’t. But I’m worried that this board is slowly decaying to an Apple support center, and that’s not it’s function. I also don’t like how the front page is always clogged up with these questions.

PupnTaco posted that link to show that other places existed (correct me if I’m wrong). Whether or not you find that link suitable is irreverent because his point is still proven.

@ambos – Do you really think that’s what I’m doing, or are you exaggerating for rhetorical effect? I think iProduct questions have been a nuisance to this board and I’m inviting discussion about it. I’m not the only one…

Why can’t these users call a help center? Or visit an apple store? Or ask their friends? Or use a billion other websites? Fluther’s beauty comes from the variety of questions. I think all the “How do I jailbreak my iPhone?” questions are detracting from that beauty.

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@ monsoon, he said there is nowhere else to ask. Not only is that statement untrue, but he’ll have a more focused community for iPhone-related help at Apple’s support discussion boards.

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@both of you, but fluther is the best, so stop using his words against him. Couldn’t you go ask your family doctor about how to prevent blisters, or do a simple search to find tips for writing a resume, MisterBlueSky?

You asked this question, I’m assuming, because there were two iPhone questions posted at the same time (only one of which was a jailbreak question), hardly a cluttering of the front page in my opinion. Still, though, more than there usually are (namely zero, sometimes one).

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Monsoon, I’m sure you understand the nature of those questions are far different than the nature of most iPod questions. For support questions, there is a specific answer. The question goes “My [thing] doesn’t work. How can I get it to work?” and someone solves it. Done. Both the questions you brought up involve MULTIPLE answers, and that’s why Fluther is a great place to find solutions. How many resume tips are there? I’ve read a lot of articles, but I could always use more. How many tips can I use to prevent blisters? All of them would be useful. How many ways can I fix a particular user’s iPhone? Well…. there’s just that one way. That’s why posting on a DISCUSSION board isn’t very healthy, because there’s not going to be much discussion if there’s only one answer. You follow?

You’re right, I asked this question because there’s recently been more iProduct questions on Fluther. I’d like them to go away, since by their nature, they are better answered somewhere else.

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How about another question for your ridiculous question.

Can we, you know, BAN stupid questions/users that question the importance of iPhone/iPod Touch questions on Fluther?

This is one of the stupidest questions I’ve seen since joining. You need to just ignore the iPhone/iPod Touch questions instead of trying to get people to agree with your preposterously idiotic attitude toward the iPhone/iPod Touch users/questions on Fluther.

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Who would’ve thought, being featured as a staff pick web app on would drive iPhone and iPod Touch users to use Fluther for their questions and answers…....

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Whoa whoa whoa jstringham21, did I ever INSULT the iProduct questioners here? Please reread my responses. I don’t like being told that I’ve been mean when I clearly haven’t been. That’s not necessary. And further, I don’t like being insulted for my opinions.

I’m free to question the importance of these topics and I think I’ve built a pretty good case. Please read it over and constructively suggest something. Insulting me and calling for my ban isn’t really helping, is it?

@wildflower: true. I suppose that link isn’t helping matters much, is it?

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If it weren’t for that link it’s unlikely I’d have found Fluther (yet)......Whether that’s good or bad to you is your opinion and what you’re entitled to, but to me it’s a pretty neat little discovery. .

Response moderated
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[Fluther Moderator:] In the future, it will be easier to filter out questions on Fluther that you don’t like. However, it would be against the spirit of Fluther to blanket ban questions of a certain topic. If you have any suggestions, use the ‘contact’ link to reach us.

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There goes Democracy, yet again.

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A filter is probably the best idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

Anyone still want to kill me?

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Although i disagree with what you want to do you were a lot more polite about it than some other users that I have encountered in the past. Kudos for that.

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I would say that, to me, fluther is not a discussion board. The What is Fluther section, it makes it pretty clear that the purpose of fluther is to ask questions and have them answered by other flutherites. I don’t see how iPhone questions violate this distinction. Tell me how they do, or how they violate the Fluther guidelines.

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I guess if these questions blatantly violated the rules, I wouldn’t have had to post this topic. My argument works in that I’m saying iProduct questions generally aren’t “great questions”, as addressed in your second link. That’s kind of a stretch, I suppose. But I could argue that if these topics don’t violate the official guidlines, maybe it’s time to take another look at the official guidlines.

I won’t, though, since I’m satisfied knowing that a filtering system is being developed. ;D

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she maybe just envy us for having an iPod Touch/iPhone!! LOL

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Forget filtering. Just introduce a system where you are directed to recent or past questions that are the same. Before someone attempts to post, “How can I jailbreak my iPhone,” it would flash, “Hey, this question has been asked 100 times before.”, and then link to those questions (and answers). Then people could be prompted “Do you still want to ask your question?” I continue to feel that much of the value of fluther is lost when so called old questions (and answers) remain untapped by a vast majority of users.

Just my 2 cents, again.

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I’ve heard this idea before and I think it’s a great idea.

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@ monsoon – if you go to “what is fluther” it says a part of the process is the discussion of the question.

One thing i have noticed is that it is not readily apparent when you hit their front page that you can search through already asked questions. Its not as promoted as asking questions or how to ask them or how not to or if your a bad speller you suck.

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Yeah, part of the process. But the main function of the site is to get answers for questions, and then the answer is duscussed.

I’m so tired of this, I revert to my first answer, you could just not answer them.

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Oh, I miss understood. I totally agree. answer the question and discuss the answer. Sorry, I didn’t get that from what you typed.

I always just don’t answer it if I am not interested. I m amazed at the people who will involve themselves in a question and get all riled up when they could just ignore it.

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[Fluther Moderator:] @shilolo: That feature has been in development for some time now, where as you type, matching questions will be displayed. Again, stay tuned!

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Well, if the question bothers you, just ignore the hell out of it. Just like you should’ve done with this one. Maybe that would traumatize him/her for life…

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I feel like “my idea” (or one that has been floating around before) won’t gain much traction because the founders like the idea of people being able to ask questions, even if they are redundant. It is much more “empowering” to get your “new” question answered in real time than to realize that your question isn’t really that novel. Personally, I would rather the answer appear from an old question.

Edit: Interesting to see richard’s response.

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Sometimes, even though you can go to another source, it is nice to talk to a human, get an immediate response, or is just more friendly (usually depending on who sees your question).

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Bri L you have a good point. Sometimes you wanna hear (read) other people’s experiences even if is not a good answer to you personally.

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People come to Fluther because out of all the people here, 90% of the time, they can get their question answered quickly and effectively. Other places don’t seem to get them answered as well or as quickly (if at all). I don’t know if its the nature of the ‘macintosh user’ to be attracted to a site like Fluther, or if its Fluther’s nature to attract people like the ‘macintosh user’ (yes, i’m lumping all macintosh users in the same boat despite what i would say to myself – i know, i know…). in the end, does it matter the category/topic of the questions asked? i believe it matters more if people get their questions answered.

(for full disclosure: i love macs & fluther & am currently using a pc)

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@shilolo: Quite the opposite! Your suggestion has been in the works by Andrew, Ben and Erik for some time now. Don’t feel like they aren’t working on improving the site, they are really too busy to cope.

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I’d just like to point out that there are now six iPhone/iPod topics on the front page right now. 24% of our topics are now about iProducts.

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