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What traditions have been passed down in your family?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone
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Every firstborn son has been named Charles for several generations.

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My grandmother taught me how to make perogies and pigs in the blanket and other Ukrainian dishes. She also taught me how to make Pysanky – Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

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@hollywoodduck how ironic that my grandmother also taught me to make pierogies! We aslo eat together on every major holiday.

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Are pigs in a blanket a traditional Ukrainian dish? Would have it been originally done with some kind of sausage rather than a hot dog?

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We always make roll-uper (a cinnamon-type desert) every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and holiday get together. Also we have a red plate that says “You’re special today” that people eat off when it’s their birthday (assuming they didn’t choose to eat out for their birthday).

That’s all…we’re not too traditional.

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We do a nice ornament exchange with the whole family every Christmas. Also, my middle name has been passed down to me through several generations.

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are you ever tempted to eat on the plate every day?

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When I was like 5–7 I was tempted to eat off the plate. For the most part, however, it was not condoned…

And I just remembered another tradition (albeit short lived)

When I was little (3ish) my family would play this tape to wake me up when it was my birthday. It was a tape that you could buy that was standardized to include someone’s name in a song. So mine said “Hey Steve, it’s your birthday today!” -(my name is Stephen).

Anyways, one day I wasn’t waking up for school so my brother maliciously played the tape to get me up. I woke up excited that it was my birthday when in fact I had to go to school.

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i do the same thing my dad and grandfathers before him. carpentry.

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A love for road trips in the car, which were a staple of my childhood.
Family recipes for cornbead, stuffing, fried chicken and cream gravy, bakc-eyed peas, and awesome Chesapeake Bay cra cakes and New Englan clam chowder among others.
Opening presents from immediate family on Christmas Eve and “Santa” presents Christmas morning.
Blowing a kiss to roadkill o send them a blessing and free thei souls from their crushed bodies.

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mostly family recipes

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“Blowing a kiss to roadkill o send them a blessing and free thei souls from their crushed bodies.”

WOW. That is impressive. How old were you when that started?

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Traveling to different countries, trying new things especially new types of food, culture etc. Short tempers, Sarcasm, “tough love” attitude.

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every sunday get together at my grandma’s everybody (uncles, aunts, cousins). we are a big family but I love that tradition because it keeps us together.

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Irish Danceing has always been a big tradition im my family. All the women in my family have danced at some stage or another.

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Handing down bizarre little silver utensils called “pushers” which very young children
use to push their food onto their forks. They look like tiny hoes.

Losing money.

Telling stories about the people in the family who either are or aren’t still alive. Once I
was having dinner at my Cousin Juni’s house in Virginia and everyone was laughing and helping each other tell this long story about someone called “Cousin Lucy”. Finally
I said, “How come I’ve never met Cousin Lucy?” and they laughed some more and
told me she’d been dead for l29 years.

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Apparently the tradition in my family is losing genealogy information. Every generation takes the time later in life to map out the whole tree, and then someone loses it and has to start all over again. Now it’s my turn.

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Carpentry, Growing a vegetable garden, and hopefully the ability to raise a child!

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@playthebanjo My sister started it. I’m not sure when. I’ll have to ask her. I know she taught it to her children too. Now my husband and I also do it.

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it’s really macabre in a great way. I love it.

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